You want to increase your sales – we know how

Looking for ways to sell more, and more easily, while also improving your customer experience?

You can optimize your sales of travel products and services by

  • suggesting further products based on the client's past purchasing history
  • learning more about the customers in social networks
  • processing inquiries much faster using a cache component

Our solutions for optimizing sales

Up-selling & Cross-selling

Offer your customers alternative services and higher-value or add-on products – in real-time while they are shopping. This is best done with our Dynamic Recommendation Engine for up- and cross-selling.

Dynamic Recommendation System

Monitoring Social Media

Increase your consumer satisfaction by viewing your customers in more detail. This is done by analyzing freely available social media data. Find out how your company, products and services are doing in forums, blogs and social networks. Our cross-platform solution for Social Media Monitoring and a specific Fan Page Monitoring for Facebook.

Social Media Monitoring and Fan Page Monitoring

Caching Technology

When searching for travel products and services, customer want to conveniently refine the results using searching and viewing features. To process inquiries much faster you need a caching component. The Distribution Catalyst is based on Big Data technology and lets customers find the optimal travel offer from your portfolio – increasing both your conversion rate and business volume.

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