ISO wins National Bank of Canada award in Gold

MONTREAL October 9, 2008 - ISO Software Systems Inc. has won the Gold Medal in the 15th annual edition of the SME Awards (Small & Medium-sized Enterprises Award) in the category of "Small Businesses" for the Montreal, Quebec region.

Holger Voss, Manager of ISO Canada , was pleased with the win.

"This award serves to reinforce what we consistently hear from our customers: ISO is a top-quality company delivering top-quality products and services throughout the globe. It further validates our philosophy of providing not just an excellent client-oriented culture, but a stimulating and effective employee-oriented culture. We will use this prestigious acknowledgement to continue our determined efforts to bring our world-leading IT solutions to the North American market."

"The challenges remain the same: the North American tourism market is still fragmented with fewer established IT travel standards and structures in place compared to Europe. We must continue to communicate what solutions ISO can deliver for tour operators, airlines, charters companies and travel agencies. This award can only help to spread the word."

ISO Canada was chosen as "Best Small Enterprise" by a jury consisting of directors, managers and journalists of well-known companies such as IBM Canada, Bell Canada Enterprises, Deloitte & Touche and La Presse (biggest French daily newspaper in the province of Quebec). The assessment included financial aspects as well as strategy, growth, corporate philosophy and work environment. This is the first time that ISO Canada has participated in the prestigious competition in the category for companies with sales of up to CAD 5 million.

Along with the reward, ISO Canada is given prominent publicity to announce the win as well as free advertisements and interviews in business magazines & newspapers.

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