Group features enhanced – ISO’s tour operator system Pacific continues to grow

ISO Travel Solutions further extends its reservation system Pacific. The enhancements streamline the special processes for group tours.

ISO Travel Solutions has extended its web-based reservation system Pacific by adding features for group travel. In addition to a special allotment management and a function for mass reservation changes, the system now also supports queries, offers and calculations specifically for group travel. Inquiries for a group tour are captured and pre-qualified in the system. The organizer can then create several individual offers for each inquiry and send these to the group in form of an easy-to-understand collective document with a detailed description of the itinerary. The system then calculates the offer prices depending on the group travel tiering and prints them out, including the presentation of the services and optional ancillaries. Once created, each offer can be converted into a booking with just a few clicks, thus reducing the workload.

The offers can include already purchased services and quotas as well as unspecified services and quotas not yet purchased. A special new administrative function was created for these “still open” services and quotas. This function provides staff with an overview of both the available services and the possible group allotments as well as all the offers made that already contain these services and the allotment. On this basis the organizer can create offerings very quickly and purchase the required services and quotas accordingly. This is supported by a new mask, which allows users to quickly enter all the required supplier data and group contracts, making them manageable and centrally available. From this mask, the actual purchase contract for signing by the service provider can be created. Once signed, the contract can be uploaded to the system with all conditions.

A new function for mass rebooking helps the organizer when making changes to many bookings at once. For example, if a service is to be exchanged for another for multiple bookings, or if a travel time has to be postponed. The user inputs the change in a mask, and the system automatically modifies all affected postings accordingly in the background.

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