Tour Operator Software: the complete solution

Our solution contains the full-scale reservation system Pacific with a specific add-on module for the management of holiday homes, villas, flats and private stays, an internet booking engine for online sales, the customer relationship management system Emerald for customer management and the Tourism Extranet as an online portal for your suppliers and owners. These systems provide comprehensive functions to support all your processes from purchasing to selling in the best way.

  • Pacific – web-based reservation system
  • Internet Booking Engine – powerful IBE for online bookings (B2B and B2C)
  • Emerald – Customer Relationship Management-System
  • Tourism Extranet – Online self-service portal for your owners and suppliers


Core system for Accommodations

With the specific add-on module to Pacific you can manage all your accommodation products.

You can manage the contracts with the owner of the home, house, villa, etc. with the prices and allotments and with all amenities, equipment and descriptions. This information is used during the vacancy search, in your own in-house system, as well as in all external channels, such as websites and the external travel agency systems.

The solution is multi-currency capable and the price calculation is based on your exchange rates and margin settings.

The accommodation service can be combined with additional services. This can be add-ons such as cleaning, firewood, etc. and also even complete other travel products such as flights, transfers, rental cars, etc. Pacific offers all functions of a full-scale tour operator software.

The system sends out all relevant information to all involved parties:

New bookings or changes in bookings are automatically sent to the owner and to all other relevant recipients, such as a key holder, the cleaning staff, the janitor, etc.

The customer gets all documents automatically as well, including the invoice, the voucher and the detailed driving directions, etc.

You can create all documents in any language of your choice.


Specific Functions of the Accommodation Module of Pacific

  • Management of Properties
    Description, amenities / equipment, additional information such as driving directions, geo coordinates for the navigation system, etc.
  • Contract Management 
    Duration, prices, allotments, extension or pro-longation (yes / no / automatically), mass management for whole regions i.e. arrival day, holiday calendars, etc.
  • Home Owner Administration 
    Retrieval of information, home owner holidays, etc.
  • Automatic Information
    Booking information to all involved parties (owner, key holder, service staff, etc.)
  • Simple Booking Functions
    Amenity search, inhouse, internet, travel agency systems
  • Documents
    Invoice, voucher, driving directions, etc.
  • Internal Reports and Statistics 
Tour Operator Suite Pacific

Internet Booking Engine

With the ISO Internet Booking Engine, your customer can book directly online on your website. The new online integration with Pacific allows for real time bookings. You can use different sites for B2B and B2C and control prices and availability individually in the two markets.

Internet Booking Engine

Customer Relationship Management for Accommodation Providers

The CRM system Emerald supports the entire value chain of the tourism process – from initial contact and catalog orders to campaigns, complaints, and sales. When connected to Pacific, the two systems interact and exchange data in real-time. When a booking is entered in Pacific, the customer data immediately becomes available in Emerald for campaigns such as up- and cross-selling.

Tourism Extranet

The Tourism Extranet enables your suppliers to actively manage their own data. This means the home owner can see all bookings, can manage the contract data, set booking stops, etc. The Tourism Extranet also allows the home owner to confirm or approve a request booking.

All changes and data are transmitted online to Pacific. You do not have any manual work anymore. But you always remain in control of all data, because you decide which functions the external user may use and which data they may change.

Tourism Extranet