Consolidated Aircraft Management

Business Charter & Aircraft Management is a complete solution for business charter enterprises. It helps them meet the challenges of rising demands in business charter services and increasingly complex business relationships.

Why Business Charter?

Business Charter supports the entire business process of a charter company: from receiving quotes and generating proposals to aircraft and crew management, and from service organization for the customer to preparing trip documents and invoicing.

Benefits from using Business Charter

  • aircraft and crew management are consolidating in one system
  • fast quote creation in consideration of current availabilities
  • seamless company communication through adapted workflow management
  • accounting procedures through transfer of invoicing data
  • web-based system access to user interface
  • individually scalable depending on company size using latest portal technologies

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Modular Aircraft Management

ISO's Business Charter & Aircraft Management solution has been developed modularly. This lets you combine the features you need to both manage and invoice jets and related add-on services.

Functional Range of Business Charter

  • Master Data Management – easy management of master data and all business partners such as customers, staff, aircraft owners, aircraft, airports and service providers.
  • Customer Relationship Management – the extensive customer relationship features of ISO's CRM solution Emerald are integrated.
  • Scheduling – the scheduling module provides information on the availability of crew members and aircraft and optimizes the process of flight planning.
  • Quote Creation – customers and employees can create flight quotes including details on trip legs and additional services; the price calculation and booking of aircraft type with its crew are an integral part of the booking process, with support for the entire administrative correspondence such as filling in forms and generating offers and invoice.
  • Trip Folder – this provides the crew with a flight folder containing all trip-and customer-related information.
  • Dashboard – offers aggregated business data put into graphs which helps to make profound management decisions and a more precise forecast.

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Products & Components for Business Charter

You can combine Business Charter with further solutions, including:

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