Web-based Tour Operator Solution Suite

The reservation system Pacific supports all the tasks of outgoing tour operators. As a software toolkit based on Service Oriented Architecture, Pacific consists of several software services that cover all requirements of modern travel distribution – fully web based, of course.

Why Pacific?

Pacific is a versatile, flexible reservation and inventory management system. Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted to the needs of tour operators and travel companies alike. It is suitable for package tours, flights, cruises, bus tours, group travel, theme parks/attractions and holiday homes. Whether customized or standard version – Pacific offers a range of options.

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Pacific or Atlantic?

We offer two similar systems: Pacific and Atlantic. Which system of the two is the right one for you?

Pacific was created for classic tour operators who either have their own products or purchase their products externally then load and manage them in the system. Pacific can also "buy" services from external service provider systems online. Pacific provides all the functionality to package these products, both into predefined packages and dynamic packages. These packages can then contain a combination of internal and external products.

Atlantic was created for travel sellers such as wholesalers, travel designers or travel agencies, who do not own or contractually purchase their own products. Instead, Atlantic offers many online connections to external service provider systems such as hotels, flights, rental cars, extras, etc. This means that all products can be purchased online from these external systems without having to import product data into the system. The products can be sold in Atlantic either as single services or as packages.

We would be happy to discuss which of these two systems is best suited to your individual requirements with you.


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Benefits of Pacific

  • automate scores of your business processes
  • boost your internal efficiency
  • increase your pax numbers
  • reduce unfulfilled customer inquiries
  • enjoy quick return on investment
We are thoroughly satisfied with choosing ISO and Pacific and are planning to expand both our cooperation with ISO and the use of Pacific.
Hans Aksel Pedersen

former Managing Director, LEGOLAND (2013)

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Features of Pacific

  • integral reservation system for outbound tour operators – particularly for larger operators with large transactions volumes
  • Multi-CRS interface to connect dynamically to external flight, car rental and hotel systems
  • customizable Internet Booking Engine
  • supports multiple languages, currencies and clients
  • connects to online payment systems and integrates with your accounting
  • edit multimedia data and link dynamically to external multimedia systems
  • produce documents in various formats
  • data import and export
  • yield management

Modular design – choose only the functions you need

The component-based Service Oriented Architecture approach used in Pacific is the latest in software development. This modular design allows configuring the required modules flexibly and offers a Package Tour Operator Module, an Accommodation Module and an Online Credit Card / Payment Card Module.

Further modules and services include:


Technical highlights

  • fully browser-based user interface
  • no local installation required
  • low setup and maintenance costs
  • state-of-the-art booking kernel for high-volume load and optimum performance
  • highly-scalable
  • connections to prevalent online distribution channels (B2B, B2C, GDS) and offline distribution (INFX, EDF, OTDS)
  • based 100% on Java components and running on standard J2EE application server
  • test-driven development with tool-based quality assurance (automated regression tests)
  • Oracle database (other systems are possible as well)
  • fully independent through use of Open Source frameworks
  • component-based Service Oriented Architecture
  • can be hosted or ASP operated
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Products & Components for Pacific

You can combine Pacific with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Pacific and other components:

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