ISO Distribution Catalyst – Cache Technology for your Travel Distribution

The Distribution Catalyst lets each customer find their optimal travel offer from your portfolio. This increases both your conversion rate and business volume. Gain optimal sales management without sacrificing data ownership.

Why Distribution Catalyst?

It quickly provides all available offers to your customers. They can then book directly or conveniently refine the results using various searching and viewing features. It also handles immense data volumes – and thus revolutionizes the way you sell your travel products.

Benefits from using Distribution Catalyst

  • offer data always up to date across all distribution channels
  • full control over your data! You decide which offers to show in which channel
  • self-learning system that relieves you of control duties
  • access to all your travel offers within milliseconds
  • easy to use

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A vacancy cache for huge data volumes

Distribution Catalyst is installed between your internal reservation system and your sales channels. You remain in control of your prices and allotments – individually for each distribution channel – while enjoying ultra-short response times.

Features of Distribution Catalyst

  • connect to your reservation system and import your offer data
  • easily maintain and control your online sales channels and sales data
  • export data to offline sales systems according to your specifications (volume, frequency)
  • Big Data technology
  • single services, prices, packages and allotments can be handled using on-demand and online services
  • fuzzy search inquiries
  • simple comparison of prices, even for long periods and across many product groups
  • expanded offer range by proving all variants (occupancy, children prices, periods)
  • self-learning system:
    • results to recurring queries are stored and answered directly from memory
    • data for destinations and periods in strong demand are automatically loaded and updated from your system

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Products & Components for the Distribution Catalyst

You can combine Distribution Catalyst with further components to add various useful functions. Besides the core functions of a reservation system, ISO can shape your entire IT landscape using innovative solutions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Distribution Catalyst and other components:

References of ISO Travel Solutions

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