You want e-commerce – we offer various approaches

Looking for ways to stay in touch with your customers and also sell more?

Our solutions help you accompany your customers throughout the customer journey. Stay connected with the customers at all touch points – before, during and after their journey.

Benefit from social media platforms by retrieving and analyzing valuable information – with ISO’s Big Data platforms. You can use these tools as standalone applications or connect them to your existing systems. The ISO products Pacific (tour operator system) and Emerald (CRM) can process data from the e-commerce tools as well.

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Our solutions for e-commerce

Online Booking Capabilities

Make your products bookable online – with ISO's Internet Booking Engine, your products become available online in your existing website layout. The IBE adapts perfectly to your existing system landscape and facilitates your workflow.
We offer our Internet Booking Engine in many variations and with different modules – all tailored to your needs.

Internet Booking Engine

Dynamic Recommendations

This solution supports the selling process and offers your customers recommendations based on rules set by you. You can integrate it with both your internal distribution systems and external distribution channels (websites). Increase customer satisfaction by taking into account customer preferences and booking history and social media information.

Dynamic Recommendation System

Monitoring Social Media Sources

This solution shows you how customers rate your products and services by retrieving, analyzing and visualizing data (customer reviews) from social media sources. Identify trends early on and react accordingly. Various forms of data representation are available for different evaluation purposes.

Social Media Monitoring

Tracking Fan Pages

The tool supports your staff in their social media work. It provides a simple overview over the current “mood” on your Facebook fan page and shows what topics are most often discussed – even in other languages. The satisfaction level of each post is determined using computational linguistics and then visualized using a traffic light display.

Fan Page Monitoring

We also offer consulting and services for these fields of e-commerce:

  • real-time analysis & Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • dynamic retargeting
  • live chat
  • travel blog
  • content and information about multiple destinations
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