ISO delivers SKY-CDM to Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg Airport has awarded a contract to ISO Software Systeme GmbH for the implementation of their new solution SKY-CDM for the management of aircraft handling processes.

CDM stands for " Collaborative Decision Making " and has the goal of improving the co-operation of all involved parties in air traffic and thus the quality of the business processes crucially. SKY-CDM is part of the comprehensive software solution SKY-Base for airports and primarily supports the time-critical business processes of aircraft handling. Workflows like aircraft cleaning or boarding can be planned and supervised in their temporal dependence with SKY-CDM . Easy to use web-based user interfaces support the process control. SKY-CDM supports collection of the operational data with mobile devices and the accurate documentation of all process flows and possibly arisen irregularities.
SKY-CDM started in Nuremberg with monitoring of boarding at the gate; further processes shall be integrated shortly.
Nuremberg-based ISO Software Systeme GmbH with its nearly 250 employees has reached a business volume of 20 Million Euro with solutions for aviation, tourism and other industries in 2007. Their airport solutions are implemented at more than 30 airports worldwide.
Nuremberg Airport handled about 4.2 million passengers in 2007 and was awarded with the renowned Business Traveller Award as best German airport. It has successfully implemented software solutions by ISO since 1986.

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Mr. Ralf Regner
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ISO Travel Solutions GmbH
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Mr. Rolf Walter
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