C Germany Tours successfully implements Pacific from ISO

Incoming agency C Germany Tours, from Norderstedt near Hamburg, specialized on travelers from Arab countries visiting Germany successfully implemented the tour operator solution Pacific from ISO Travel Solutions.

The necessity of finding an internal solution in order to handle hotel and transfer bookings as well as a B2B-booking engine on its website for partners in Arab areas brought C Germany Tours to ISO. “With Pacific we have found the ideal solution for efficient and fast bookings. The B2B-booking engine allows us to extend our business model even more”, explains Christian Kötter, general manager of C Germany Tours. “This web-based solution enables us as a mid-sized enterprise to act independently of large and complex IT-systems. ISO Travel Solutions is the ideal partner for fulfilling our visions of the future.”

Pacific is the new web-based solution for tour operators developed by ISO Travel Solutions in Nuremberg . Based on a modular concept and on DTC (Dynamic Travel Components) this system offers a construction system for tour operators and it allows choosing individual components and combining them according to current demands. Besides back-office functions Pacific offers diverse interfaces to external systems on purchase and sales side.

C Germany Tours is the first customer that uses the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model of ISO Travel Solutions and thereby reduces its cost and risk to a minimum. ISO acts as the hosting partner for Pacific. This guarantees a fast access to all systems. “We are able to offer a very efficient and favorable business model. Our customers pay a small fee per user per day and completely control their IT-cost. At the same time, the SaaS-model still allows us to react to every customer’s needs – from designing special reports about customer specific parameter configurations up to the creation of a customized IBE.”, comments Christian Belzner, director of touristic business development, about the new SaaS-model . “We are especially happy about winning C Germany Tours as a first customer because of its Arab business contacts. ISO has been active there for many years with several IT solutions , resulting now in new opportunities for expansion in that area”.

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