ISO offers its CRM Emerald as iPhone app iEmerald

With the new iPhone app iEmerald ISO supports the regional sales force of tour operators. The App is connected to the ISO CRM Emerald and delivers all relevant information to the field service regarding scheduled appointments; e.g. contact info, characteristics and sales figures, which can be downloaded before a visit. After a visit the mobile report with resubmission data can be filed and saved in Emerald. Via Google Maps the app helps to find the fastest route to the next appointment.

Many tour operators use a regional field service in order to look after their agencies and tourist offices. Equipped with an iPhone and with ISO’s new mobile app iEmerald these representatives are able to perfectly prepare and evaluate their visits to relevant sites.

iEmerald enables mobile use of all relevant data in the touristic CRM system Emerald that ISO Travel Solutions created. Before an appointment the user has real time access to information such as address, contacts, characteristics, bookings and sales figures and therefore is perfectly prepared. Afterwards the results of the visit can be entered via iPhone and saved in Emerald ’s customer history. Then they are available to all other colleagues and ready for additional CRM purposes.

In addition the app uses Google Maps to help personnel to unerringly find the next appointment and all closest customers in relation to the current location.

With iEmerald ISO Travel Solutions offers the perfect equipment for the mobile field service. Print-outs and data collections from the previous day are obsolete, as well as time-consuming report generation after visits.

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