TUI Wolters Travels is using the tourism CRM Emerald from ISO

TUI’s specialist for holiday homes in entire Europe, TUI Wolter Travels, is using ISO’s CRM system Emerald. The customer relationship management developed by the IT-specialist from Nuremberg specifically meets the needs of tourism companies and supports their processes in managing customers.

The decisive factor to choose Emerald was its focus on tourism as well as its optimized data synchronization with Wolters’ operating system OCEAN , the reservation system which was developed by ISO as well. Thus, Emerald offers a comprehensive overview of all customers including their booking information.

Since Emerald is web-based , users in Stuhr are working with their normal Internet browsers without any further installation. The system is hosted by TUI Infotec in Hanover.Niels Bartel, commercial manager of TUI Wolters: “After thorough investigation of several CRM systems we have decided to use Emerald from ISO . Two main reasons were the tourism focus of the system, not to be found in any other system available at the moment, and the long-lasting excellent cooperation with ISO with its central reservation system OCEAN.Our users appreciate Emerald especially because of its easy handling and the intuitive ‘look and feel’ of its browser based, modern user interface. The system offers well-rounded functions of a tourism-specific customer relationship management and thereby offers a firm foundation for optimal care of our customers and potential purchasers. Be it reservation, catalogue orders or mailings to our customers, with both ISO systems we are able to offer a service to our customers which meets our expectations as well. Especially the comprehensive marketing features allow us to provide target-oriented information to our customers before, during and after their travels and, thus, increase their satisfaction – and last but not least increase our turnover and margin.”

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