KLM opts for SKYfly M-Billing from ISO Software System

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, one of the top airlines worldwide, has chosen ISO’s SKYfly M-Billing to meet IATA’s SIS requirements for " Miscellaneous Billing ".

Since October 2011, IATA has introduced a structure and new invoice standards for the so-called "Miscellaneous Billing". Introducing structure into an unstructured process was both a blessing and a curse – no airline had a system in place to handle the new guidelines.

ISO's SKYfly M-Billing is able to cope with these new requirements. It is a modular solution that can be made to fit by a number of interfaces and add-ons, similar to a construction kit. Based on the proven SKYport programs, in use by airports and ground-handlers worldwide for more than 30 years, SKYfly M-Billing is a sophisticated product.

These might have been the strongest arguments when KLM decided to go for SKYfly M-Billing for invoicing their services at Amsterdam Shiphol and other airports through IATA Clearing House.

Winning one of the top airlines worldwide as launching customer for SKYfly M-Billing emphasizes the quality of SKYfly M-Billing and the competence of ISO Software Systeme.