LEGOLAND® Holidays Deutschland relies on Emerald CRM by ISO Travel Solutions

ISO Travel Solutions, based in Nuremberg, Germany, has implemented its tourism Content Management System Emerald at LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort.

The theme park in Günzburg, Germany, has been collaborating with the Nuremberg software company since 2012. The web-based reservation system Pacific was the first ISO product to be successfully introduced at LEGOLAND Holidays. It offers LEGOLAND customers all services from a single source – from the booking to the departure. After Pacific was put into operation in 2013, the LEGOLAND Holidays Deutschland GmbH decided in 2014 to also implement ISO’s CRM system Emerald.

The main focus of the project was on the communication with direct customers. All customer data and bookings are automatically synchronized between the two systems. The data pool in both systems is therefore always identical.

"ISO’s Emerald lets us greatly improve our customer service. Reservations, complaints, etc. are now available with a click. Questions can be answered promptly, thus improving the service for the guests. Thanks to the campaign management, we can provide customers all travel-related information before they even start their journey. We can, for example, state the current opening hours. We are very pleased with the introduction of the CRM system – it went as smoothly as that of Pacific," says Martin Kring, Managing Director of LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort.

"Following the successful implementation of Pacific, we are happy that LEGOLAND Holidays has decided to also introduce our tourism CRM solution. Emerald is the ideal complement to Pacific, and its real-time synchronization simplifies the work with both systems. The CRM project is a great success for both partners, and we look forward to a close cooperation with LEGOLAND in the future when implementing further projects," says Markus Kretschmer, Managing Director of the ISO Travel Solutions.

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