Lüftner Cruises successfully implements ISO’s Pacific as the central reservation system

Lüftner Cruises now uses the tour operator Pacific from ISO Travel Solutions in Nuremberg as its reservation system. The renowned shipping line from Austria has been using ISO’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE) already for some time – the combination with Pacific will now allow an optimal reservation management. In a further project, Lüftner wants to implement Emerald, the tourism CRM system by ISO Travel Solutions to be better prepared in customer management as well.

Anna Lüftner, Head of Public Relations and Marketing at Lüftner Cruises

Lüftner Cruises, based in Innsbruck, is among the most important European shipping lines and offers its customers exclusive river cruises throughout Europe. The company now uses Pacific as its core system. Besides the implementation of the Web-based reservation system, the project focus was on connecting external partners to the Internet Booking Engine (IBE). The IBE was successfully implemented even before Pacific was introduced.

The next milestone was the introduction of Pacific as the central management and reservation system. Pacific automates and supports the processes of the IBE and makes the online reservation process of agencies part of the core system. It can display deck plans and availabilities can be booked directly and in real-time both in the IBE and in Pacific itself.

In order to meet the special requirement of the Austrian market, the system was enhanced in several ways. The specification of the changes went smoothly between the software company from Nuremberg and Lüftner Cruises.

The next project will be the introduction of ISO’s tourism CRM system Emerald at Lüftner, for an optimal and process-oriented handling of customer management.

“We are pleased to have found in Pacific and Emerald a comprehensive solution for our diverse challenges in reservation and customer management. The cooperation with our partners is characterized by the greatest possible flexibility and customer orientation. Here, the specific adjustments made by ISO have provided us with an effective booking across many channels”, explains Anna Lüftner, Head of Public Relations and Marketing at Lüftner Cruises.

“Thanks to Lüftner’s focus on cruises, we were able to strengthen our reservation system Pacific in this segment and develop new features. Pacific is thus ideal for use by cruise operators of all sizes. The cooperation with Lüftner Cruises was pleasant, and we are proud of the successful implementation of Pacific. We look forward to further projects with Lüftner Cruises such as the upcoming introduction of the Emerald CRM“, explains Artur Isaak, project manager at ISO.

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