TravelWorks uses Reservation System Pacific and CRM Emerald from ISO

The German tour operator TravelWorks uses Pacific, the tour operator IT solution suite from ISO Travel Solutions in Germany in combination with Emerald, ISO’s special CRM solution for the tourism industry.

Torsten Pankok, Managing Director, TravelWorks.

TravelWorks based in Muenster, Germany, is a leading tour operator for language travel and work experience travel. The company has searched the international IT market for a solution which can be used for the 40 users to automate and streamline the business processes. As a result Pacific from ISO was implemented as a tour operator solution suite in combination with Emerald as a tourism specific CRM solution.

In 2009 TravelWorks conducted a detailed internal process analysis and started the system selection, the first contact with ISO was established in 2010, the contractual agreement was signed in 2011 and the system went fully live in April 2012. Right now, TravelWorks is preparing to get the upgrade to Pacific’s newest version 9.3.

ISO’s system Pacific was chosen because it was the most flexible system in the market to fulfil TravelWorks’ specific requirements for the wide range of programs that combine travelling with learning/working abroad. ISO enhanced Pacific by these requirements, making it now the only market-specific system for language tour operators which is based on a fully comprehensive standard tourism IT solution.

Torsten Pankok, Managing Director at TravelWorks states: “We have chosen ISO’s Pacific and Emerald, because they provide the best match to our specific processes and needs. The implementation of a new central reservation system was a huge internal task for us, but ISO managed to help us in this IT project in the best way imaginable. We actually had prepared ourselves for a tough change period but we were totally surprised and relieved to experience this change without any problems. ISO has done a perfect job in planning the project and providing the needed functionality in the planned time and quality. We are truly glad we have chosen such an experienced partner for this important project.”

Markus Kretschmer, Managing Director of ISO: “Pacific is our product for all types of tour operators – however, the requirements of TravelWorks for language tours and ‘work & travel’ were really different from those of our other tour operator clients. Yet, Pacific, with its flexible service oriented architecture, proved to be the right system to adapt to these specific needs. We used this chance and created a new market-solution specifically aimed to help language tour operators. All operators of such language tours and ‘work & travel’ look for a feasible specific IT-solution. Together with TravelWorks, we have created such a unique and comprehensive market solution. The teams of TravelWorks and ISO worked extremely well together in this project. As a result the implementation of Pacific and Emerald went very smooth with the least possible impact on the business of TravelWorks. We look forward to helping TravelWorks extending their business further with our technology.”

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