DZB BANK introduces SAP Data Governance Process by ISO Professional Services

Nuremberg - DZB BANK has commissioned ISO Professional Services with implementing a data governance process.

As part of a project, ISO Professional Services will implement its Marlin Data Governance solution at DZB BANK. With this solution for the SAP ERP system, the financial services provider will be able to check and approve the central business partner for customer and vendor in a single procedure. One of the key features is to possibility to preallocate certain fields, carry out customized checks for them and even have other objects inherit them.

In addition, the master data is checked and enriched using data quality tools. This is done by duplicate check, address validation, VAT ID and legal entity check as well as data enrichment.

DZB BANK, a specialist bank for the retail sector, is based in Mainhausen, Germany. The company is a financial services partner for more than 20 nationally and internationally active retail cooperations, network groups and franchise systems for wholesale and retail. More than 18,000 members of these retail cooperations in 18 European countries, and more than 7,000 suppliers therefore use the financial products of DZB BANK.

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