Specific functions for your Tourism Software

Our tourism solution for you includes the entire Pacific reservation system with a special add-on module to manage group travel such as study tours and walking tours. Additionally, our Internet Booking Engine (IBE) for online sales and the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Emerald for customer management are available. These systems offer extensive functionality that optimally supports the specific requirements of your market from purchasing to sales.

  • Pacific – Web-based reservation system
  • Internet Booking Engine – Powerful IBE for online booking (B2B and B2C)
  • Emerald – Customer Relationship Management system

Reservation system for group travel

You can manage all the data for your specific travel types with Pacific and the add-on module. This can be group travel for predefined or individual groups, for "seat-in" groups, as well as for study tours, hiking tours and similar trips in this segment. You can manage all your products in the system, with specific prices and allotments for groups and for FIT. This data is then also used for group offers and for bookings. The resulting information can be found in all your sales channels, including your in-house service center and your external sales channels, such as the websites and travel agency systems.

The most sophisticated feature of the groups’ module is the group offer function: it allows you to manage individual group itineraries and calculate the prices for group pax brackets with free space calculation, etc. The system will create an offer document for your customer with the detailed itinerary and price table. You can change the offer in numerous versions. And, when the customer accepts the offer, you can convert it into a fixed booking with one click.

The solution is fully multi-currency capable and calculates prices based on your settings regarding conversion rates and margins.

Pacific offers you all the functions of a complete tour operator software, i.e. booking of accommodations, flights, transfers, etc.

The system sends all the relevant information to all the parties involved: notifications are automatically sent to the service providers. The customer receives all the documents automatically, such as the invoice and the voucher.

You can also create your documents in any language you wish.

Special Pacific group travel module features

  • Product database – Master data for all your products
  • Contract management – validity, prices, allotments, group conditions, individual conditions, etc.
  • Simple booking function – offer/option/request/fixed booking; in-house, internet, travel distribution systems
  • Group offer calculation – group pax brackets, free places, included services vs. extras, etc.
  • Automatic information – booking information to all parties
  • Documents– offer, itinerary, invoice, voucher, etc.
  • internal reports and statistics
Pacific Tour Operator Suite

Internet Booking Engine

Our Internet Booking Engine also allows your customers to book directly on your website. Real-time integration with our Pacific tour operator software sends bookings directly to the system. You can also offer separate booking pages for B2B or B2C and manage prices and availability for all sales channels separately.

Internet Booking Engine

Customer Relationship Management

The Emerald CRM system supports the entire value chain of the tourism process —  from initial contact and booking to complaints and later follow-up for marketing campaigns. Emerald interacts with Pacific and the systems exchange data in real-time. When a booking is made in Pacific, customer data is immediately available in Emerald for campaigns such as upselling and cross-selling.

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