Connecting and Interfacing with the Tourism World

Bookings are becoming more and more complex – from bookings of individual travel modules up to dynamic packaging. To cope with this, tour operators need to re-engineer their business processes. This can be done by adopting highly integrated IT solutions for maximum automation and web-based business processes.

How can interfaces help?

Thanks to interfaces engineered in-house, our tour operator systems can be connected to all tourism IT systems. We thus offer full integration of our systems with the heterogeneous IT ecosystems of today's tourism industry.

We are happy to award ISO Travel Solutions with the status 'Sabre Travel Network – Authorized Developer'. The status is based on a long-time relationship between Sabre Travel Network and ISO Travel Solutions and our joint engagement in the online travel industry.
Anne Rösener

Vice President Central & Eastern Europe, Sabre Travel Network

These interfaces and connections are available:

  • Travel API
    Lets external partners query and book all your products online from within their own systems.
  • Multi-CRS Gateway
    The basis of Dynamic Packaging and connection to all external Computer Reservation System.
  • GDS Interface
    Opens up new distribution channels to access the international market.
  • XML Interface
    Provides your services through your various Internet sales channels.
  • B2B Web Access for Agencies
    Allows your business partners to make online availability checks and online bookings in your reservation system.
  • B2B Web Access for Suppliers
    Enables tour operators to connect their suppliers directly to their own tour operator software via Internet.

Multi-CRS Gateway – basis for Dynamic Packaging

This gateway is the basis for the Dynamic Packaging functions of our tour operator systems Pacific and Pacific Incoming. The Multi-CRS Gateway can interface with all external supplier systems you need, giving you flexible access to your suppliers’ services – without having to painstakingly create master data first. You have to set up only the so-called shells for the master data. This will then be filled dynamically with specific data from the external systems during the booking process.

Main advantages of the Multi-CRS Gateway

  • wide range of services for your customers
  • lower acquisition and processing costs
  • up-to-date availabilities
  • manages external vendor system for your users

Our reservation systems – in combination with the Multi-CRS Gateway – are designed for the parallel querying of multiple external systems. This improves performance and reduces the response time.
Already the basic Multi-CRS Gateway offers the full business logic and features set. The consistency of each transaction is also controlled here. You need one basic license for the Multi-CRS Gateway – regardless of which external system you want to connect to.

We offer connections to a wide variety of external systems:

  • Flight CRS
  • scheduled airlines
  • charter airlines
  • low cost carriers
  • hotel companies
  • hotel umbrella systems
  • cruises
  • car rentals
  • transfers
  • attractions
  • insurances
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While the Multi-CRS Gateway opens up a purchasing connection to the Computer Reservation Systems (CRS), the CRS interface connects you to Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

GDS Interface – connecting to Global Distribution Systems

Our GDS Interface connects you to integrated systems to distribute your travel services worldwide. CETS Austria, Tourmaster Austria, Amadeus Germany (TOMA) and Sabre Merlin are the leading travel distribution systems (GDS) in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. Also, travel agencies in other countries – Hungary, the Czech Republic or Slovenia – use these systems to book packages and services of tour operators automatically. In North America you can distribute your services through all the established systems – Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan and Sabre.

Features of the GDS Interface

  • technical communication with the computer center
  • conversion of GDS messages to messages for the tour operator system
  • translation of the tour operator responses into GDS messages
  • error handling according to GDS specifications
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