Tourism Solutions for Mobile Devices

Be there for your customers – before, during and after their journey. Our solutions let you accompany your customers throughout their entire trip and connect to all touch points.

Our mobile solutions 

  • Your Booking Wizard – a brandable booking app
  • Your Travel Companion – a brandable travel guide app

Your Booking Wizard

Increase your sales by letting your customers book your travel products and services directly from their mobile devices. Our app can also be customized to your design – for more visibility and publicity of your brand. You thus present your services to potential customers the mobile way. The booking can be done right before departure or during the trip. Stay in contact with your customers at all times.

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Your Travel Companion

Optimize the relationship with your customers by “accompanying” them on their mobile device before, during and after their travel. ISO’s new app Your Travel Companion lets you connect to all customer touch points, regardless of where they have booked their travel. It makes the customer journey an all-round experience in your company’s look & feel. The customer receives all information regarding the booked destination: attractions, maps and city plans, restaurant directories and travel tips. This information is also available offline.

Travel Companion – the benefits for you

  • turn your customers travel into a great experience
  • improve your relationship with the customers by accompanying them before and after the trip and at the destination
  • increase your revenue through mobile sales by selling your customers additional service during their trip as well as new trips later on
  • boost your brand awareness and visibility in app stores and social media networks
  • avoid the hassle of technical details and content – the app comes ready for use, is branded with your logo and available in the Apple store and the Google App store
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iEmerald – the mobile CRM for your field staff

iEmerald is the mobile connection between the Emerald CRM system and your sales force. The iPhone CRM provides ideal support for your salesperson – before, during and after the customer call.

CRM on demand – the benefits for you

  • mobile data management – for immediate data availability in the system
  • control of internal processes through integrated task management
  • task assignment by the sales force on the go
  • greater sales potential thanks to the right information at the right time and the right place
  • future-proof

CRM on demand – the benefits for your staff

  • no elaborate printing of all customer information before the meeting
  • mobile navigation to the meeting point
  • allows spontaneous, unplanned calling on customers since all information
  • entering all information and notes right after the meeting, not later in the office
  • all from a single source – a complete mobile office including telephone, email, navigation and CRM

iEmerald is a module for our Customer Relationship Management system Emerald, which is tailored specifically to the needs of the tourism market. Emerald supports the entire process of the tourism value chain – from initial travel advisories to follow-up to the customer getting back for arranging the next trip.

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