Vouchers – individually customized

Pacific's voucher module makes the processing of vouchers very easy, no matter the type of voucher. Vouchers can now be generated with an individual code and issued as a gift, for discounts with an advertising option, for a cancelled service or for premium customers.

Individual voucher as a special gift

Especially in difficult times, when travel regulations are constantly changing, as a travel provider it is important to remain flexible. For such situations, a voucher is the ideal product.

Vouchers can be generated with an individual code and value. Choose from 100, 500 or 1,000 Euros, any amount you like. The ISO algorithm generates as many vouchers as you need on demand.


  • Vouchers can be time limited
  • Vouchers can be restricted to certain product categories
  • Only around 50% of the vouchers are actually redeemed
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Further Options:

  • Company personalization – or additional company personalization, you can add a company prefix. For example: PURELY-k483p47372r
  • Event code – for further event personalization
  • Period of validity – limit the validity period according to your strategic goals
    In Germany, the German Civil Code (Das Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch (BGB)) stipulates that vouchers are valid for three years from the end of the year in which they were purchased. However, this only applies if you do not make any other stipulations. Whether you specify a longer or shorter period of validity is up to you. You simply need to point this out to your buyers.
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Creating vouchers is simple and straightforward. You only need to enter a minimal amount of data, such as the validity, the sales channel or the services for which the voucher should be generated.

  • Sales channel – do you have different distribution channels and distribution partners? Vouchers can be limited according to your needs. This way you can easily and uncomplicatedly manage every situation.
  • Services – don't just sell ONE voucher, diversify. Offer hotel, flight or event vouchers. These can be generated easily. Simply select the corresponding service category.
  • Multiple use or partial payment – who hasn't experienced this? Vouchers usually never correspond exactly to the purchase price. Our system offers you all the conveniences to counteract this. Whether one-time or multiple use, both are possible with our system. Outstanding balances can be settled on the next trip and be automatically shown on the invoice in the amount corresponding to the voucher. The customer can also decide which partial amount he wants to pay with the voucher. They can use an alternative means of payment for the remaining amount. This opens up a maximum flexibility.
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After creation, you get a structured overview of all vouchers - which you can export, of course. Voucher code, voucher amount and remaining value are displayed by default. This also shows you which booking(s) the vouchers were redeemed against.

A survey conducted by the Blackhawk Network in the U.S. found that 51 percent of consumers have an unused gift card. Another 14 percent said they already know today that they will never redeem it.
Blackhawk Networks

Coupon with a discount 

  • Newsletter (eg. Summer 2021 – 10% off on the next trip)
  • The period of validity can be limited
  • May be limited to categories or services
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Reactivate existing customers or create targeted advertising in new and traditional sales channels. Place ads in magazines or on websites. Your customers can then book using a code that you define yourself. The advertising discount is automatically granted via the respective code and a corresponding success analysis can be created via the ISO dashboards, for example.


Your vouchers can, of course, be linked to specific events and time periods.

Voucher for cancelled services (on an individual basis)

  • no payout of the cancellation amount -> the customer is retained
  • no additional credit card fees (Disagio) for refunds

Grant more flexible rebooking conditions if you issue a voucher instead of the cancellation fee. By doing so, you reach a larger audience, especially in the current times — after Corona. Everyone wants security for their trip or for the money spent.

Give your customers this security, very simple and uncomplicated. That way you retain the money received and increase your liquidity. In the meantime, our system automatically takes care of the booking and the communication with your financial accounting.

Vouchers can even be generated by the customer via the Internet Booking Engine. So, you and your service team save a lot of time with our suggestion.

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Provided that the customer has initially paid the travel price by credit card, the voucher procedure also saves you the fees charged by the credit card company in the event of a refund.

Discount for special premium customers (or premium discount vouchers)

Start with a premium program for a select group of customers. Generate new regular customers and extend your customer relationship with your existing customers through this sales channel. By entering the code, your premium and VIP customers will always automatically get 20% off the regular price.

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