Lünendonk Ranking: ISO-Gruppe ranks in the Top 20 IT SMEs in 2019

Once again, the ISO-Gruppe is one of the leading IT companies in Germany.

The renowned Consulting and Market Research company, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder, certified ISO’s rating. With a turnover of 70.7 M Euros in 2019, the ISO-Gruppe was ranked in the Top 20 IT SMEs for consulting and system integration in Germany.

The ISO-Gruppe’s success is due to its broad-based portfolio. ISO offers Software Engineering, IT Services, Recruitment and Consulting for a wide range of sectors and industries, spanning from Public Services, Medical Technology, Automation, Aviation and much more.

The Lünendonk Ranking is published annually and ranks suppliers based on the information disclosed by the companies themselves. Ranked suppliers have to earn more than half of their turnover from IT services. The Lünendonk Ranking is considered the industry’s barometer according to the trade and business media.