Implementing quality assurance in software development

The main characteristics of good software are stability and reliability. We apply our quality assurance measures to all critical parts of the software development – for existing solutions and in project management measures.

For our software development we use the test-driven approach. We can thus also support you in implementing an automated test environment.

During the project’s lifespan, you can rely on our extensive project management expertise. We offer a broad range of options to handle your project within the set time and budget – from project coaching to introducing project management tools.

From module test to high-load test

To provide stability and avoid errors in existing systems, the ISO-Gruppe offers a specific error analysis along with a variety of test scenarios for automated testing: from a simple module test to a highly complex multi-user high-load test. We can thus provide accurate and rapid fault analysis – and still ensure that no unintended side effects arise when we fix the error.

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