ISO Infinite Extras

Expand your offer with all kinds of tourism "extras", such as tours, activities, tickets, events or table reservations. With our Infinite Extras solution we offer you the possibility to sell unlimited extras through your website and thus increase your sales. The best: The system is ready to use and you have no expenses and no minimum sales requirement!

IBE – Backend – Content

ISO Infinite Extras is a ready-to-use solution consisting of three layers:


The White Label Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is easily integrated into your website and offers all the functions your customers need to browse and book the entire portfolio of extras. Of course, the Internet Booking Engine can be effortlessly adapted to your corporate identity and style.

The complete handling of all processes is controlled by our modern core system. The system generates all bookings, documents, vouchers and stores them. You can also determine the mark-up you want to achieve in this system.

All the content comes from the third layer, the "exfinity" system. Through exfinity we offer you access to extras from numerous external suppliers:


Your needs – our solutions

  • Experience – sports events, musicals, shows, tours & activities
  • Manage bookings easily – you get the ready-to-use backend
  • Intuitive internet booking engine
  • Simple to use – no API connections necessary, everything from a single source, no integration and management of various partners
  • Top product – best price guarantee, excellent data quality, mapping technology and easy integration
  • New opportunity – expand your portfolio, improve product and take the risk-free chance of more sales during Covid-19 (and afterwards)
  • Keep full control over your sales and pricing strategies – manage all purchasing channels from one console for optimal sales

How ISO Infinite Extras works

Our solution ISO Infinite Extras is a universally integratable white label solution. It includes our Internet Booking Engine together with our modern core system. As an exclusive partner, we have connected exfinity for unlimited extras content. Exfinity connects all external content providers and thus purchases all services online for you. You only have one contractual partner for all your extras. The special feature of exfinity is also the "mapping function". It brings all external services that come from different systems in different formats into a uniform structure. This way, all services are presented to your customers in the Internet Booking Engine in a clear and comparable way. You can then sell all these services via our multilingual White Label Internet Booking Engine. All queries happen in real time. Prices and vacancies are queried live and then booked online. You can define the calculation of the prices yourself with our mark-up component.

Our core system manages all functions and bookings and provides you with information about the current status of all sales at any time. For payment, you can choose one of our already connected payment providers, or you can use your own, which we will optionally integrate for you. An export of the relevant data to your financial accounting is also included in the system scope.

Key Features – ISO Infinite Extras

  • global portfolio: regional + national + international
  • all experience categories: Sports tickets, classic tours, gastro reservations, and more.
  • Mapping of all services
  • Best price guarantee
  • everything from a single source
  • easy & fast integration
  • no ongoing costs

Your advantage

  • no setup fees
  • no weekly/monthly/annual fees
  • no transaction fees
  • you determine the margin

Real win-win: you and ISO share the margin afterwards. We guarantee competitive rates from our suppliers.

You earn what you sell - it's that simple.

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