Tour Operator Software "Service Center Client"

Benefit from Service Center Client (SCC), the intelligent travel management software for professional customer consulting – whether in your reservation center, a partner agency or the sales department by way of the call center. With access to all offers as well as descriptive content, you provide information in real time – you book and sell.

Via user-friendly input templates - similar to the websites for end customers - you can intuitively find rental cars, low-cost flights, free charter seats, additional hotel bargains, or supplementary offers in the destination area.

Architecture and Technology of the SCC

The web-based Call Center mask is made available in the corporate design as specified by you. The queries are initiated through the SCC. The content of the various systems are consolidated in the super PNR, the Passenger Name Record for several booked flights. The travel planner can be connected to our reservation system Pacific just like your existing reservation system. It branches out into subsystems of other providers and adds multimedia content through the interfaces.

Service Center Client – highlights of the travel management software

  • sales management
  • flight queries and offers
  • hotel offers
  • travel confirmation – travel offers
  • reporting
  • up-selling
  • sale of additional services
  • follow-up function

Products & Components for Service Center Client

You can combine Service Center Client with further modules to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Service Center Client and other components:

References of ISO Travel Solutions