Tour Operator Software – tailor-made solutions for bus tours, transfers and excursions

Are you looking for a software that will help you manage your bus trips, transfers, and excursions?

If so, you need a versatile and flexible system that meets the specific needs of your portfolio.

Specific functions for your bus and coach operations

Our solution is the fully fledged reservation software Pacific with the additional Bus Module, the Internet Booking Engine and the customer Relationship Management System Emerald. Combined our systems offer extensive functionalities to cover the specific requirements of your market perfectly

  • Pacific – a web-based reservation system
  • Internet Booking Engine – a powerful IBE for online booking
  • Emerald – a Customer Relationship Management system
Thanks to the bus module, we have drastically reduced our workload also in set-up and sales – internally as well as via the CRS systems.
Andreas Kröll

Managing Director, Christophorus Group

Tour operator system for coach and bus companies

With the Bus & Transfer module for Pacific you can intuitively create main and secondary routes and manage boarding and de-boarding, distances, durations and costs. The system automatically determines your available vacancies and prices, and transfers these to the integrated distribution channels. The solution supports multiple currencies and the price calculation can be carried out transnationally, taking the various national taxes into consideration.

In the master data you can manage your vehicles with information about the equipment and even add a graphic seating chart. You can also manage your drivers and tour guides as to their certificates, language skills etc. and assign them to the tours as needed.

Bookings are easily done via a graphic interface with selection of the stop and, if desired, the seat. All bookings can be exported as clearly laid out lists for the bus driver, including information about passengers, times, bus stops and the booked seats. All other relevant documents, such as vouchers and coupons or specific statistics for your tours are also available. These documents can be created in any language desired.

Besides the bus services you can sell additional services with Pacific to further increase your profit.

Specific functions of the Pacific Bus Module

  • vehicle management
    capacities, equipment, licenses, graphic seating chart
  • route management
    main routes, transfer to/from the main route, duration, distances, boarding and de-boarding stops, graphic display of the routes
  • driver and tour guide
    certificates, languages, availabilities
  • availabilities and prices
    expenses and sales prices, one way and return, breakdown according to distribuation channels, age dependencies, country-specific tax calculation
  • simple booking function
    overview of routes, selections of bus stops, price calculation, graphic seat reservation
  • Documents
    lists for the bus driver with times, passenger info, boarding and de-boarding stops, seats booked
  • internal documents and statistics
Tour Operator Suite Pacific

Internet Booking Engine for Tour Operators

With our Internet Booking Engine, your customer can carry out their booking right on your website, too. The new real-time integration with Pacific for coach and bus operators sends bookings directly to the system. Separate booking pages for B2B and B2C have become as normal as managing separate prices for these sales channels.

Internet Booking Engine

Customer Relationship Management for Coach and Bus Operators

The CRM system Emerald supports the entire value chain of the tourism process – from initial contact and catalog orders to campaigns, complaints, and sales. When connected to Pacific, the two systems interact and exchange data in real-time. When a booking is entered in Pacific, the customer data immediately becomes available in Emerald for campaigns such as up- and cross-selling.

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