Tour Operator Airfare Software - the airfare database

ISO’s new tool Airfare records and manages flight tariffs. You can use the Airfare system to store all the tariff conditions set by the airlines. Whenever you check for vacancies or book a flight, your reservation system will then access the airfare database for these tariffs. The actual booking of the flight is done in a separate system – for example the tour operator solution Pacific and/or an external global reservation system like Amadeus, Sabre or Worldspan – using exactly the prices and conditions stored in Airfare.

Mangage all related data

  • Basic data
    • Airports
    • Airlines
  • Master data
    • contract data
    • regulations as to reductions on age
    • regulations as to length of stay
    • regulations as to flight combinations
    • regulations as to scope
    • routing

AirFare connects to all systems

We can connect the Airfare software to any reservation system that you are currently using or wish to use in the future. We recommend connecting to our reservation system Pacific, however, because as part of our so-called Dynamic Travel Components strategy, ISO developed both Airfare and Pacific entirely in Java. The browser-independent, web-based systems can be run on whatever hardware you work with.

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