Managing tourism IT projects

More than 40 years of software projects in tourism and other fields have provided us with extensive experience. Our key learning: no two projects are alike and no two customers are alike. ISO offers different project methodologies to ensure that each customer receives the best possible project outcome. We therefore adapt to your needs and let you choose the preferred method. Our project manager will cooperate closely with your project managers to ensure that the jointly defined project goals are met – in time, in budget, in quality. These aspects are important:

Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Our quality management system is certified to DIN EN 9001 standard for the offices at Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt. Solid quality and reliable project management according to German standards is our company’s top priority.

International projects

ISO has been active in software development and IT consulting since 1979. Travel and tourism have always been our core competencies and still are today. These include not only projects with tour operators, airlines and travel suppliers but also airports and public administration. Numerous projects in countries all over the world have shaped the competence of our employees for the different needs and expectations in the respective regions and cultures.


Project management method

You can choose your preferred method, and we will jointly set up the entire project accordingly. Together we create a project plan that contains all milestones. Collaborating closely for a safe implementation, your project manager and our project manager bring the project to a successful completion.

Waterfall Method

When using the waterfall method, things are done step by step. This means that a new project step is not begun before the previous one has been completed. This linear process model defines fixed stages and each stage has to be complete before the next can begin. For you, the advantages of the waterfall method are its use of resources. At the start of the project, you define your requirements and do not need to become actively involved until later. In the meantime, ISO prepares the specification (to be accepted by you), develops the software and then provides the fully finished product to you. You then test the system and do the final acceptance.

Agile Method

For the agile method, the large project is broken down into many small units – so-called sprints – of short duration (usually 2-4 weeks). This means that the individual steps – definition, specification, development, delivery – are all performed repeatedly for the small units. After each step of this iterative procedure, you can see a partial result and your feedback will be directly included in the further development.

For you, the agile approach offers these advantages: The implementation soon becomes observable and you can influence it while running a lower risk of divergence between requirement and development. However, this method requires more time and more cooperation on your part.

Teams and Roles

Our experts help you in many aspects and roles:

  • Either at the ISO-Gruppe or on-site in your offices
  • ISO-Teams or mixed teams (customer, partner)
  • Product owner / project manager
  • Business analyst
  • UX & design
  • Development (front-end, back-end)
  • Test engineer
  • DevOps & operations
  • Agile coach / Scrum master
  • Cooperation with partners for SEO, SEA, and Analytics

Service Level Agreement

In order to clearly define all expectations and performances, Service Level Agreements are jointly agreed on for each project. These describe the agreed services and response times of ISO for specific scenarios such as bug fixes or system availability. The service level can meet a normal standard or be adapted to offer highly available systems with a full 24/7 support.

Support database

For the project duration, we provide a web-based project database for the entire communication between ISO and its customers. We are Atlassian Gold Solution Partners and as such, our activities and tools are based on the well-known project management solutions, Jira and Confluence, from the Atlassian Software Suite.

Whether change request, support enquiry, suggestions for improvement or the reporting of a problem – the database is available to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The entire communication of those involved in the project is handled by this web-based tool.
ISO manages the internal teams directly from this database.

The support database can be integrated with your planning and control tool so that you can collect and manage all data in one place.

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