New Distribution Capability (NDC) und ONE Order

With the integration of the New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order into its system solutions, ISO is giving you the benefit of the new IATA approach in a range of applications. As a strategic partner of IATA, ISO is even a member of IATA committees, task forces and working groups – thus helping to shape these future standards. For more information, please see our special NDC and ONE Order website.

With the new procedures, passengers can freely select ancillaries and send their booking request via an aggregator or directly to several airlines of their choice, who can then make individual offers.

ISO is one of only a few suppliers in the market who can offer the combination of reservation system, CRM solution and Revenue Accounting all from a single source – perfect for providing prospective customers with a comprehensive solution for NDC and ONE Order. These may be airlines, aggregators, GDS, and other tourism companies, such as online travel agencies (OTAs) and tour operators, who would like to newly implement such a solution or integrate it as components in their existing IT landscape.

NDC and ONE Order in practice

We are currently adding NDC and ONE Order to the scope of our booking system. In cooperation with IATA we have conducted two ONE Order pilots to determine whether ONE Order can support the accounting processes of our airline customers for different business models:

  • for our existing Revenue Accounting System
  • as a direct interface between the Order Management System (OMS) and Financial Accounting (ERP) – in partnership with Condor

In the future, the systems can thus receive, format and process the passengers’ booking requests in the new NDC format and send them to airlines – and their replies can then be processed and relayed to passengers. All ISO customers will soon be able to offer end customers individual flights and prices, which are possible exclusively through NDC. Use the new solutions by ISO to set yourself apartfrom other operators who are creating their flight offers the conventional way – and are thus severely restricted.

We add these new NDC possibilities not only to the reservation systems, but to our CRM solution Emerald as well. Emerald stores all customer preferences (e.g., aisle or window seat; special meal orders; lounge access etc.). Correspondingly, once customer profiles have been stored, they can be incorporated with the new NDC procedures and sent to airlines to get customized offers.

Also part of the subject of NDC is the new procedure ONE Order, which is being established in the reservation systems previously mentioned. Moreover, the Revenue Accounting department of ISO has been involved in this topic for quite some time. ISO can thus supports all aspects of billing between airlines and other involved parties for an NDC/ONE Order booking.

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