ISO´s Skyport Suite with expanded functionality for mobile devices

SKYport, the airport management suite by the ISO Software Systeme, counts on Progressive Web Apps.

SKYport supports all the functionalities necessary to guarantee smooth operation of a large and modern airport. Derived from the AODB (Airport Operational Database) data, these functionalities are flight operation, ground handling, aeronautical billing, reporting, airfreight and CDM. SKYport Mobile, ISO’s new technology platform for Progressive Web Apps (PWA), makes it possible to provide tailor-made applications for mobile devices. PWAs are websites that feature many characteristics that were previously only available in native apps for mobile devices. The PWAs can be described as a combination of a responsive website and an app.

There is no need to download it via App stores, because PWAs are distributed directly via the web browser. Furthermore, PWAs offer offline functionality as well as access to the end user hardware, such as the cell phone camera to scan boarding passes, for example.

As the PWAs are integrated into SKYport AODB and SKYport Billing, Airline Ground Staff, Ground Handler, Airport Staff and Air Traffic Control benefit from it. Functionalities such as Boarding, Change of active RWY, Low Visibility Operation, FIDS or Turnaround activities can thus be completely controlled by mobile.

The advantage is that each employee receives only process relevant information, necessary to complete their tasks. Orders are clear and easy to follow and therefore, errors are minimized. SKYport Mobile is platform-independent and functions, data streams and user roles are fully customizable.

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