Berner Group decides to go with the ISO Marlin Master Data Governance System by ISO Professional Services

The ISO Professional Services GmbH (IPS) won a Berner Group tender for the best SAP® integrated master data governance solution. IPS’ Marlin Suite contributes to a more efficient and safer business process design for the Berner Group’s new customers.

The Berner Group, a B2B wholesale company, was looking for a quickly available solution integrated in SAP S/4 HANA to optimize data governance processes. The solution should not only improve data quality, but also simplify, accelerate and safe guard the data handling procedures. The introduction of the holistic data governance process, including add-ons: duplicate detection, address validation, VAT-ID and sanction list checking by ISO Professional Services, should meet these requirements exactly. The installation of the SAP add-ons is completed within two weeks.

The Marlin Content solution from now on offers the Berner Group the possibility to centrally use various data providers, i.e. beDirect and Bisnode and concurrently connect various country-specific data providers as needed. Master data will be immediately identified and enriched with specific attributes upon data creation.

Furthermore, IPS will embed the new solutions for SAP S/4 HANA into the old SAP ECC6-environment during the transition period, which will simplify the migration considerably. Further, systems like SAP Ariba will be connected to the IPS governance solution.

About the Berner Group

The Berner Group is a family run European business. Their vision is “We keep the world together and moving”. Berner is the central B2B commercial partner for all materials in the maintenance, repair and production sector for customers in the construction, mobility and industry sector. With over four sales channels, Berner provides an integrated omnichannel shopping experience for their customers. Berner is an innovative manufacturer in the steel and C-parts area, as well as in the chemistry area. The company currently offers over 200,000 products and employs 8,200 employees in 23 countries.