ISO Software Systeme and ISO Public Services support the UN Global Compact

The ISO Software Systeme and ISO Public Services were the first companies in the ISO-Gruppe that joined the UN Global Compact Initiative. The UN Global Compact is the most important worldwide initiative for corporate responsibility.

The ISO-Gruppe dedicates itself to the principles of the UN Global Compact. Based on their ten universal principles regarding the topics of human rights, labour, environmental protection and corruption prevention, the UN Global Compact is the world’s largest and most important initiative for corporate responsibility.

The basis of the United Nations’ initiative is the Agenda 2030, which was adopted in 2015. The international community of nations expresses their belief that the global challenges for sustainable development can only be solved in cooperation with this initiative

Partaking companies dedicate themselves especially to the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals pursue the vision of a sustainable global economy to benefit all humans, societies and markets. Overall, a total of more than 15,000 companies and organizations from civil society, politics and science in more than 160 countries are already working to realize a just globalization.

The ISO Software Systeme and ISO Public Services were the first companies in the ISO-Gruppe to join the Initiative. The other companies under the ISO-Gruppe umbrella are also aware of their responsibility and will also join the UN Global Compact. As a family-run group of companies, the ISO is especially aware of its social responsibilities. Economical sustainabilty and fairness towards employees, partners and customers form the solid foundation for the company’s 40-year history.

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