The Emerald CRM for the Tourism Industry

Your customers are your potential. Analyze and control your customer relationships – from the initial contact through to bookings and the resulting classification up to customer feedback and follow-up bookings.

Why Emerald?

With Emerald, ISO has developed a CRM system tailored specifically to the needs of the tourism market. Emerald supports the entire process of the tourism value chain – from initial travel advisories to follow-up to the customer getting back for arranging the next trip. And thanks to its modular design, Emerald can be adapted to meet any demand. Also available: iEmerald – the mobile CRM for your sales staff.

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Emerald: How you benefit as a tourism company

  • Optimized business processes in the marketing, sales and service departments
  • Lower process costs in managing customer relationships
  • Faster, web-based access to all business partner data
  • Higher customer loyalty thanks to better understanding the customers’ needs

Can be fully integrated into your IT landscape

Emerald interacts smoothly with your other IT components and enhances your existing reservation system.

Features of Emerald

  • access all customer-relevant data in a single database
  • work completely web-based using a safe Internet connection
  • define any number of properties as search and filter criteria
  • operate in logically coordinated procedures
  • run an extensive campaign management with three levels of expertise
  • provide your sales and controlling departments with consolidated statistics and reports on customer and booking data
  • adhere to a strict approach to data visibility
  • maintain customer history using automated processes
  • automatically enrich customer data depending on their booking behavior
  • integrate your CRM with IT environments to exchange data with other systems

The Emerald Modules

Emerald is a modular CRM system, letting you choose only the modules that you need. These purposes-specific modules include:

  • Campaign Management
  • Business Partner Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Duplicate and Address Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • Connection to Tour Operator System
  • Brochure Fulfillment

To connect the Emerald CRM system and your sales force, we offer iEmerald – and application for mobile Customer Relationship Management.

iEmerald – the mobile CRM for your field staff

iEmerald is the mobile connection between the Emerald CRM system and your sales force. The iPhone CRM provides ideal support for your salesperson – before, during and after the customer call. 

Products & Components for Emerald

You can combine Emerald with further components to add various useful functions. In addition to the functions of a CRM system, ISO can shape your entire IT landscape using innovative solutions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Emerald and other components:

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