Dynamic Recommendation System – with Travel API

The needs of customers – finding the best tourism offer – are growing as quickly as the tourism services available on the market. Recommendation services therefore need to make full use of the potential for up- and cross-selling.

Why a Dynamic Recommendation System (DRS)?

Offer your customers alternative services and higher-value or add-on products – in real-time while they are shopping. These recommendations can be based on the customers’ booking history, their data, your sales management specifications and other data.

Benefits from using Dynamic Recommendation System

  • increase your sales noticeably through up- & cross-selling
  • provide quicker access to your services
  • promote specific product groups dynamically for optimum utilization
  • strengthen customer loyalty through improved customer satisfaction
  • offer an individual marketing approach across all channels
  • integrate the DRS conveniently into your existing system landscape

To make such a recommendation system "tourism compatible", ISO offers the Dynamic Recommendation System with the Travel API, which can easily be integrated in travel distribution solutions.

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Recommending the right products to your customers

Customer-related suggestions meet subjective expectations and lead to increased customer satisfaction when choosing products. At the same time, the system offers dynamic, real-time sales control – make best use of your available inventories and quotas.

Up-Selling Up-Selling
Cross-Selling Cross-Selling

Dynamic Recommendation System – the technology

The DRS uses intelligent data analysis to identify similar or complementary products and recommends these to clients. This lets you channel your sales with recommendation features similar to those of Amazon and other online shops.

Technical details

  • Apache Mahout for data analysis & recommendation
  • Apache Hadoop for caching & Big Data
  • Netty as a high-performance server framework
  • MongoDB as a high-performance “schema-free” database (NoSQL)

Travel API – Web service for online sales and marketing

The Travel API (Application Programming Interface) allows your external distribution partners to book your services online. They can then query and book all your services directly – without having to leave their own systems.
Furthermore, you can use the Travel API to supply your services to your Internet Booking Engine (IBE) to create your own IBE and connect your services to your existing website.

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Products to complement the Dynamic Recommendation System

You can combine the DRS with further solutions to add various useful functions. Besides the core functions of a reservation system, ISO can shape your entire IT landscape using innovative solutions. Each component is a self- contained system, which can interact with the Dynamic Recommendation Engine:

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