Tourism Extranet – travel portal software for your suppliers and external users

Whether airline extranet, supplier extranet or travel extranet – Tourism Extranet supports all business dealings with your external users and partners, in particular the management of tourism contracts between you and the hotelier. Once the module has been integrated with your system, it is available to both parties via Internet. External users can easily enter and edit data, such as hotel contracts, themselves.

Online Data Maintenance

Users can edit their data using the online data maintenance. For example, booking stops can be defined, and allotments and prices can be changed – all in an online contract module.

You are relieved of the time-consuming data maintenance. At the same time, your suppliers have the certainty that their changes will be applied correctly in your tour operator system.

Notification and Request Management

As part of the notification management, the system automatically informs the supplier about all newly booked guests and changes to previously reported bookings. You can thus provide the supplier with the details on the latest as well as modified bookings in a simple, well-arranged form – directly from your booking system.

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