Lünendonk List: The ISO-Gruppe once again among the Top 20 IT mid-sized companies

For the third time in succession, the ISO-Gruppe is among the leading IT companies in Germany. Strong growth in sales revenue of 82.4 million euros in 2020, as well as high innovative strength in products and services, were the reasons that convinced the market research company Lünendonk & Hossfelder.

As international software and IT service providers, the ISO-Gruppe companies have held their ground. Thanks to a strong commitment to public administration and data quality, but also medical technology, IT HR services and managed IT services, sales have increased by 17 percent from 2019 to 2020, despite the sometimes very difficult market situation. The number of employees at the ISO-Gruppe companies remained stable. The foundation for this success is reliability and high quality of services provided to the ISO-Gruppe’s customers. Innovations in existing and new markets supported the upward trend in the past year.

The Lünendonk List is a list of IT service providers that is published annually. The companies surveyed must generate more than half of their revenue through IT services. The Lünendonk List is regarded as an industry barometer by numerous trade and business media. The ISO-Gruppe is once again on the Lünendonk List of the Top 20 medium-sized IT companies in 2020.

"Having boosted sales once again in a market that is currently so volatile was a major challenge under the constraints of various uncertainties," reports Moritz Goeb, member of the Management Board. "Our success is due, in particular, to the innovative strength, high flexibility and rapid adaptability of our numerous specialist departments. Based on this solid foundation, we plan to further develop and grow the ISO-Gruppe and its services for our customers in the coming year."