Tour Operator Software for Airlines

ISO has been supplying IT solutions for all types of airlines since 1996. You can use these solutions if you offer scheduled flights, tourism charter flights, business charter or private flights. The system can be used by large airline with millions of pax each year with many destinations & origins and long-haul routes and feeder flights, as well as by smaller and private airlines with less traffic on certain individual routes.

For sales of flight-only, ancillaries, packages, single-seat and charter allotments, we offer reservations systems, including dynamic packaging, NDC, internet booking engines, e-commerce solutions and customer relationship management.

For the settlement of flights between airlines and sales partners, we offer revenue accounting with interline settlement and miscellaneous billing.

Depending on your specific needs, you can use the following solutions:

SKYfly Res – NDC based Order & Offer Management System (OMS)

Made for airlines that sell flights as well as own and third-party ancillaries, either as single services or as (dynamic) packages. In addition, a special module is available for the management of charter sales. The system comes with an offer & order management according to the newest initiatives of IATA and a data management and exchange based on the new NDC format.


SKYflySell – Internet Booking Engine for Airlines

This internet booking engine can be integrated into the websites of airlines in order to boost the sales of flights and ancillaries via B2C and B2B.


SKYfly Revenue – Revenue Accounting System for Airlines

Profitable revenue accounting according to IATA SIS standards based on Java EE and a scalable state-of-the-art system architecture.


Pacific for Airlines – for Airlines with an own Tour Operator

The dedicated airline version of Pacific is a web-based reservation suite that optimizes the dynamic packaging of flight and travel products like hotel, tours, insurances and any other airline ancillaries. It was designed specifically for airlines who run their own complete tour operator business – and offers completely customizable workflows for your e-commerce store and call center. This solution is described in further detail in the following sections:


Why Pacific for Airlines?

Pacific lets you bundle flights in multiple combinations while applying your specific business rules and sales points for your different customer groups. Sell single flights or packages with flights & accommodations within the same workflow, promote additional products such as additional bags, seat reservations, tours, insurances and more within the sales process by using dynamic and automatic up- and cross-selling functionalities.

Benefits of Pacific for Airlines

  • automate scores of your business processes
  • boost your internal efficiency
  • increase your pax numbers
  • reduce unfulfilled customer inquiries
  • enjoy quick return on investment
We now have a leading-edge packaging engine that allows us to go to market in unique ways that we couldn't do before. We at Sun Country are very fortunate to have found such a great partner.
Michael Warnken

Senior Director, E-Commerce at Sun Country

Features of Pacific

  • Shop & book
    • Air only
    • Air + hotel
    • Air + hotel + car
    • Add-ons e.g. car rental, transfer, insurance & tours
    • Bundles for bag, SSR & seat reservation
  • Check-in workflow with upgrade to 1st class
  • Paid bags
  • Seat selections including pricing per seat category
  • Flight status
  • Credit card payments
  • Full and partial use of points to pay
  • My account profile
  • Entire website including static marketing web pages
  • Mobile responsive design

Products & Components for Pacific for Airlines

You can combine Pacific with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Pacific and other components:

  • Internet Booking Engine – makes your products available online
  • Emerald – provides Customer Relationship Management functions
  • Travel Tailor - Artificial Intelligence to empower upsell and cross-sell and to ensure consistency of all travel services that were chosen by the customer

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