API for Online Service Provider Connections in your Tour Operator Software

The latest version of our API, Travel Broker, allows you to access the booking systems of your service providers easily, quickly, and efficiently in order to query and book their services online.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Unlimited access to third-party services – integrate worldwide booking content (BC) from all product categories such as hotels, flights or events online into your service portfolio via our Travel Broker
  • Access to all descriptive texts and multimedia material (non-bookable content) - integrate your partners' entire non-bookable content (NBC). Thanks to our logical caching, the data is always up-to-date and available with the highest performance
  • Manage bookings more easily – create requests, quotes, bookings and cancellations for all offered travel services in one system
  • Super fast response time – through the use of our solution and the new API structure, the response time is reduced by up to 67% compared to the conventional API
  • Retain full control over your own quotas and pricing strategies – control all purchasing channels from one console for optimal purchasing by price and performance

How ISO Travel Broker works

The Travel Broker is a universal integrable API that can connect your booking system with any service provider system. This way you can obtain your partners' prices and vacancies in real time and book their services online.

The Travel Broker transforms all messages and data that are exchanged between your system and the external service provider system. Using technical adapters, any system can be flexibly connected. This enables you to query all underlying hotel systems with a single request from your booking system to the Travel Broker. For example, when searching for a hotel, you receive a consolidated response containing all results. The Travel Broker makes requests to the third-party systems that are as simple and short as possible. These can be answered in milliseconds.

All transactions are logged. Thus, your booking system becomes a transparent glass box instead of a black box. Every request, every response can be clearly identified and tracked by our system, so you can always trace and check all transactions.


Main Functions of the Travel Tailor

  • Usable for all service types like flight, hotel, car, cruise, train, extras, etc.
  • Supports all relevant shopping transactions such as vacancy search and price determination
  • Supports all relevant booking transactions such as request/booking/rebooking and cancellation transactions
  • Supports "non-bookable content" such as images, texts, etc.
  • Transforms all messages into all required formats
  • Adapters for technical integration to external systems and to your reservation system
  • Dynamic load balancing and individual scaling options
  • Logging and graphical display of all relevant parameters and data

A current list of all connected service providers is available upon request.

This includes among others:

  • Flight
    • CRS
    • Airlines Direkt / PSS
    • NDC
    • Consolidator
  • Accommodation
    • Bed banks
    • Umbrella Systems
    • Switches
    • Channel Manager
    • PMS - Property Management Systeme
  • Excursions
  • Entrance tickets and amusement parks
  • Cruises
  • Railway
  • Insurance

Products & Components for ISO Travel Broker

You can combine ISO Travel Broker with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with ISO Travel Broker and other components:

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