What do travelers want to know about motorhomes? What equipment should be included in a campervan? And how reliable and efficient are the vehicles? A little adventure is all right, but vacations should be primarily about relaxation.

To ensure that your customers get off to a good start on their vacation, ISO Travel Solutions has developed a sophisticated Internet Booking Engine that is precisely tailored to the needs of camping tourism.

Dynamic periods + rental station = Go!

As dynamic as a vacation by motorhome is, as flexible the rental periods can be arranged with our Internet Booking Engine. Simply select the start date and time with a click and set the drop-off date. In addition, select your favorite rental stations and our IBE will display a selection of available vehicles. Our Internet Booking Engine also includes a sophisticated search function that considers more combinations than previous searches. For example, interested parties can rent campervans at stations in the north of the USA and return them to the same rental company in Canada. Opening and closing days as well as minimum rental periods are considered. The result: instead of fruitless searches and error messages, prospective customers receive attractive offers.

Compare vehicles in detail

Which vehicle suits me, my partner or my family? To make the right rental decision, a clear comparison function is crucial. In our Internet Booking Engine, interested parties are shown all relevant data in a direct comparison:

  • Equipment
  • Costs
  • Availability

Special offers arouse the desire to travel

As a travel provider, we give you the opportunity to dynamically put together amenities packages. This allows you to respond to seasonal fluctuations with attractive bundles or to engage in lucrative cross-selling. Always remember, people love bargain hunting.

Possible options:

  • Long-term discounts
  • Early booking bonuses
  • Seasonal offers
  • Extras (additional equipment)
  • And much more

Let your creativity run wild and combine different benefits, features, and services as you wish. These packages can then be compared with each other at the click of a mouse, so your customers can see the differences at a glance.

Internet Booking Engine Wohnmobil

Once 360° all-round view, please

Not every traveler is a camper professional and knows every vehicle inside out. But instead of sending prospective campers on a scavenger hunt through the various manufacturers' websites, our Internet Booking Engine shows them the vehicles inside and out – without any gaps, including the floor plan*. This allows prospective campers to get a good idea of the space available and the arrangement of the various components in advance. What does the sleeping system look like? How big is the kitchen? And what storage spaces are there? Will I be able to get through Italy's narrow roads with the vehicle? Our IBE will help your customers avoid any nasty surprises on their trip.

*The prerequisite for this feature is appropriate image material from a content supplier. Please feel free to contact us.

Vacation à la carte

Camping vacations are something for individualists. That's why we offer your customers the possibility to choose between numerous individual services. Simply select and deselect them with a click. A logic stored in the system checks in real time whether the selected services can be combined with each other.

An example:

If a selected extra exceeds the storage space of the pre-selected vehicle, the IBE will kindly point this out to your customer. Or if an outdoor package has already been booked that already includes certain components such as folding table and chairs. This significantly reduces the risk of incorrect bookings. This guarantees a positive experience for your customers and at the same time relieves your support staff.

Internet Booking Engine Camper

Our software also directly and clearly indicates whether desired services must be paid for directly at the time of booking or later on site. This also saves unpleasant surprises when additional costs are incurred during the trip.

Insured on vacation

And because adventurous travelers also appreciate a certain degree of security, our Internet Booking Engine supports numerous insurance packages such as:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Bonus packages
  • Corona protection
  • And much more

We also point out national or regional laws, for example if in countries recreational vehicles of the booked type may only be driven from a certain age. This helps to avoid uncomfortable experiences with local law enforcement.

Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

Our IBE is international. It speaks practically all languages of the world and can calculate in any currency.

Sustainable Camping

Camping vacations can also be sustainable. Encourage your customers to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. Offer customers the option to offset their emissions generated by their trip. Voluntary surcharges are used to reforest forests elsewhere, which in turn bind CO2. You can, of course, use filters to make corresponding offers findable or advertise them attractively in special offers.

Internet Booking Engine Camping Tourism

Our IBE – perfect for you

Are you looking for a modern Internet Booking Engine to attractively promote your travel products? Then you have come to the right place. Of course, in addition to the IBE presented here, you also need a reservation system as a backend to which our web frontend is connected. The Internet Booking Engine of ISO Travel Solutions GmbH can be easily integrated into any reservation system. You can use your own existing system for this purpose or use our reservation system Pacific.

Are you interested?

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