Tour operator software: our dynamic packaging systems at a glance

ISO Travel Solutions offers your travel company two software solutions:

Pacific – the system for large full-scale tour operators who also sell their own products and contracted products.

Atlantic – the system for travel designers who sell products from external suppliers, and do not sell own products or contracted products

Both solutions allow consumers to build their own dynamic packages during the booking workflow. This can consist of independent tourism products such as flights, accommodations and excursions – instead of booking a predefined package.
In addition to fully dynamic packaging, Pacific also allows you to manage classic pre-packaged trips. Your customers can book these simply with one click.

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Benefits of Dynamic Packaging

  • connect online with any service providers to easily book external services: flights from CRSs, hotels from bed banks, car rentals and excursions from online platforms, etc.
  • control which other services and products are added dynamically from external systems
Thanks to ISO’s Pacific, we can now sell our entire range of products, along with various amenities, online to our end customers. External as well as internal processes are fully supported, ensuring a high level of automation and efficiency.
Hans Aksel Pedersen

former Managing Director, LEGOLAND (2013)

Features of the Dynamic Packaging Engine

  • based on the powerful inventory management and reservation system Pacific or Atlantic
  • uses the Travel Broker Gateway to connect to external supplier systems and Computer Reservation Systems (CRS)
  • customizable online booking engine
  • flexible management of prices and margin per system and sales channel
  • supports multiple languages, currencies and clients
  • connects to online payment systems and integrates with your accounting
  • edit multimedia data and link dynamically to external multimedia systems
  • produce documents in various formats
  • data import and export

Create your own packages – fixed or dynamically

The Dynamic Packaging Engine supports you in defining business rules that apply to the customers during booking. You can even set the prices according to such rules: charge simply the sum of all single component prices or define individual markup rules for such dynamically created packages. Alternatively, you can predefine fixed package prices for them.
You can even set up the pricing structure according to your calculation matrix. Feed different prices to your sales channels according to your product and individual market requirements.

Travel Broker Gateway for Dynamic Packaging

The Dynamic Packaging functions of our tour operator systems use the Travel Broker Gateway to interface with all external supplier systems you need, giving you flexible access to your suppliers’ services.

Travel Tailor – Articifical Intelligence for Dynamic Packaging

The new module Travel Tailor supports you and your customers during the dynamic packaging workflow. You can define rules in Travel Tailor that are checked during the booking process. This way, Travel Tailor ensures that your customers can only package travel products which are combinable. 

For example the geographic proximity is being checked or the chronological possibility and other factors. Travel Tailor protects you and your customers from problems later on while they are travelling and thus, eventually from complaints.

In addition, Travel Tailor proactively supports the sales of additional service while combining the packages. You can define rules for recommendations, and Travel Tailor uses these to recommend „the next best products“ to the customers during their booking workflows. This way, your customers are guided actively through the booking process.

Technical highlights

  • entirely browser-based user interface
  • no local installation required
  • low setup and maintenance costs
  • state-of-the-art booking kernel for high-volume load and optimum performance
  • connections to prevalent online distribution channels (B2B, B2C, GDS) 
  • Pacific also with offline distribution (INFX, EDF, OTDS)
  • test-driven development with tool-based quality assurance (automated regression tests)
  • fully independent through use of Open Source frameworks
  • can be hosted or ASP operated

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