Our Tour Operator Software at a glance

The ISO Travel Tailor helps you to sell optimal travel packages. It is integrated into the booking workflow and recommends the appropriate additional product. The software also checks all the products that have already been added to the shopping cart before they are finally booked. How to increase your sales and delight your customers.

Main Functions of the Travel Tailor

  • Workflow control
  • Itineraries across multiple destinations
  • Itineraries with multiple products
  • Pro-active recommendations
  • Upsell & cross-sell
  • Checking of locations and times
  • Checking of your own business rules & specifications
  • Flexible administration

How ISO Travel Tailor works

ISO Travel Tailor is integrated into your existing system landscape. It interacts with your distribution systems, i.e. with your Internet Booking Engine and with your Core Reservation System. The ISO Travel Tailor consists of the main components ISO Travel Recommender and ISO Travel Checker.


ISO Travel Recommender manages the sales workflow and always delivers the next recommended step. Based on the rules, which you can load into the rule engine, and thanks to artificial intelligence, the system knows which products should be recommended next to the customer.

When all products have been added to the shopping cart and the itinerary is ready for booking, the ISO Travel Checker performs further special checks. It checks the consistency, plausibility and logic regarding the locations and times of the selected services. All these checks are also performed continuously later on, as soon as a booking is changed. The Travel Checker always ensures that the trip remains consistent and feasible.

The third component, the rule engine, allows you to load all rules in an intuitive user interface and customize them for your specific needs. Based on artificial intelligence, the system permanently analyzes and improves all rules.

Increase your sales with these features, benefiting from upsell and cross-sell sales. At the same time, you'll help your customers and your sales force create a logical and achievable itinerary. This is how you impress your customers and improve your travel offering.

Technical Highlights

  • State-of-the-art artificial intelligence components
  • completely independent and future-proof thanks to the use of modern open source frameworks
  • can be integrated into your environment via REST interfaces
  • completely browser-based user interface
  • local installation not required
  • low setup and maintenance costs
  • can be hosted or operated as ASP

More ISO Travel Tailor Products & Components

You can use other ISO Travel Solutions components for perfect dynamic packaging. Each of the components is a self-contained system that can interact with the ISO Travel Tailor and the following components:

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