Tourism Software based on Service Oriented Architecture – SOA

Many older systems were “monolithic blocks” with a complete set of features – many of them unused. In contrast, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) splits the scope of operation into many small units, so-called services. Modern SOA-based tour operator systems provide the same functional range as older systems – but they combine them from numerous flexible services. This lets you use only the services you really need for your business. Your system is not overloaded with unnecessary features, which keeps operating costs to a bare minimum.


A perfect fit thanks to SOA

The freely combinable services allow you to add further functions and systems as needed. This allows your SOA system landscape to adapt to your growing business, ensuring a high level of investment protection and thus a guaranteed future. You can even dynamically integrate your existing legacy systems in the overall context of your service oriented architecture. You can also replace your legacy systems with new services step by step. This gradual approach reduces the risk of changing the system dramatically.

ISO already offers numerous complete systems built on SOA as well as individual function components (services) such as:

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