Increase sales through interactive travel videos

Video, as a medium, allows you to present travel services in a vivid and emotionally appealing way - much better than is possible in print media or on websites and the like. Increase your sales with personalized videos, too.

Benefit from the positive effect of video with Travel:up Video. Offer your travel services in personalized videos tailored to each customer. Customers can jump directly from these videos to booking the shown services.

The tool supports the following scenarios:

1.    The sale of additional services. Such as when a customer has already booked a trip or core service but has not yet departed.

2.   The sale of trips or main services to customers who have not booked with you for a long time.

Possible scenarios to consider


How does Travel:up Video work?

The entire system landscape consists of the following components:

travel_up_video grafik


1.    Collection of your video sequences – Travel:up Video Snippet Management

Individual video sequences summarize additional services in an appealing way in a short film. If flights are your main service, you can offer additional services such as in-flight catering, greater legroom or additional baggage options in short video sequences. For hotels, additional services such as room upgrades, a meal in the restaurant, or a wellness treatment in the hotel spa can be highlighted.

There is a separate, short video sequence in the product repertoire for each service. You either create these sequences yourself or commission an external service provider such as an agency. ISO provides you with a powerful tool to create and edit the interactive video sequences.


2.    Reservation System & Internet Booking Engine

Your reservation system, where all of your bookings are managed, provides Travel:up Video with a service that informs them of all the services that have been booked. Your Internet Booking Engine will have to allow your customers to book additional services.

ISO offers the following solutions if needed: Pacific or Atlantic for reservations and our Internet Booking Engine for online sales.


3.    Travel:up Video Tool

The tool is the core of the solution. It receives information about the customer's booked services directly from your reservation system and also gets information on the additional services that match the services already booked.

The tool sends an email with an online link to the customer.

As soon as the customer clicks on the link, the video is individually compiled, personalized and played for the customer. The tool combines the video sequences of all the relevant additional services into one seamless video. An introduction sequence is provided with the customer's personal data, thus referring to the trip the customer has already booked.

The result is a cohesive video that first addresses the customer personally and then presents and offers the additional services.

The video is interactive. The viewer can click on each additional service in the video and thus jump directly to the booking section. If your Internet Booking Engine allows it, the existing booking can be opened by means of a deep link. The additional service selected can also be placed directly in the shopping cart.

This is how the customer can easily book the additional service.

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Travel:up Video solution advantages

  • videos appeal to customers emotionally and are more effective than just text or emails
  • videos can increase conversion rates by up to 80%
  • videos present your products in a better, more realistic and emotionally appealing way than any other advertising medium
  • reach out to the younger audience as well
  • use your own videos in the design of your choice, so that it perfectly reflects your image and thus becomes a brand message
  • the interactive possibilities of the interactive video allow your customers to book additional services immediately and directly from the video
  • decide, per video, on the additional services to offer for the already booked services


Travel:up Video Features

  • manage video sequences for additional services
  • processing of information from your reservation system
  • sending emails with a link to the video via UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) to ensure that only the recipient can access the personalized video
  • creation of personalized, interactive videos individually for each customer
  • the video is compiled with the currently valid parameters at the time of retrieval. Accordingly, you can control your additional sales based on time
  • link/deep link to your internet booking engine for easy booking of additional services

What requirements should be met?

For the greatest possible success and a maximum increase in sales, you should meet the following requirements:

  • you offer regularly booked destinations and/or tours (i.e. not just one-off products)
  • you sell travel services that have suitable additional services
  • Iideally, you already have video sequences of the services you are promoting
  • your reservation system possibly has an interface with which Travel:up Video can receive information about already booked services
  • your customers can book additional services on your website or via your Internet Booking Engine


Additionally, ISO offers you the following:

Not only do we supply you with the Travel:up Video tool, we also help you set it up and provide additional components as needed.

  • Pacific or Atlantic reservation system
  • Internet Booking Engine - B2C
  • Internet Booking Engine - B2B
  • a brand new website
  • tool Travel Tailor to manage further upsell and cross-sell rules during the booking process
  • Emerald Customer Relationship Management System, so that you can take into account individual customer profiles and preferences when making sales
  • support during the implementation of all systems
  • hosting of all systems
  • support in setting up cloud-based storage of video sequences

Products & Components for Travel:up Video

You can combine Travel:up Video with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Travel:up Video and other components:

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