Some of our references:

With ISO, we have more than a vendor – we have a partner in our business who works actively alongside our teams. Your quality project management and great customer focus were integral to our success.
Russ Peardon

Director IT, Pursuit (Brewster Travel Canada)

I have never in my 24 year working career ever worked with a company that reflects such professionalism and client orientation. You are a text book case of what good project management is and how important customers are to a business and I have worked for more than 20 companies and dealt with many more and simply put yours is the best. Your team worked so well together and clearly know and understand their roles and are extremely dedicated and passionate people – clearly an asset to your company. This also reflects good management as a team can only be this good if management is good. Congratulations to all of you.
Charmaine Allen

Project Director, Sun International Dreams

The collaboration with ISO was very constructive and purposeful. The project was completed on time and in line with the budget – two points, which are anything but natural when developing complex software. We look forward to cooperating with ISO in the future as well.
Katja Beyer

Marketing Manager, Avis

Thanks to the bus module, we have drastically reduced our workload also in set-up and sales – internally as well as via the CRS systems.
Andreas Kröll

Managing Director, Christophorus Group

The remarkable partnership between Sabre and ISO Travel Solutions now lasts more than two decades. We appreciate this long-standing collaboration with ISO as a ‘Sabre Authorized Developer’ – as well as our joint commitment to the online travel market
Marcos Pinedo

Vice President, Sabre Partner Solutions

Thanks to ISO’s Pacific, we can now sell our entire range of products, along with various amenities, online to our end customers. External as well as internal processes are fully supported, ensuring a high level of automation and efficiency. Since introducing the system, we were able to increase our sales by 10 percent. We are particularly pleased with the fact that ISO and Pacific have helped us eliminate previous technical issues in the interaction of connected systems, even in view of the simultaneously increasing volumes. We are thoroughly satisfied with choosing ISO and Pacific and are planning to expand both our cooperation with ISO and the use of Pacific.
Hans Aksel Pedersen

Managing Director, LEGOLAND