ISO as validator and supporter

The ISO-Gruppe is part of the first validators of the new tourism blockchain Chain4Travel. Together with Peakwork and other partners, we are responsible for the infrastructure of this revolutionary technology. As a software developer, we have more than 650 employees at our company who deal with cutting-edge software solutions daily.

Blockchain Key Features

What can a blockchain do?

The Camino blockchain, which powers "Chain4Travel," is a powerful, highly scalable platform for the travel industry. This platform also supports the creation of smart contracts. In other words, self-executing contracts that automatically enact when certain pre-determined events occur, and therefore, do not require human supervision.

The core of Camino's technology stack is based on the robust and versatile Avalanche technology and used in a combination of three highly specialized chains with different rule sets and application areas:

  • The platform chain: P-Chain is used for validation and network coordination.
  • The contract chain: C-Chain provides full EVM compatibility for smart contracts (EVM = Ethereum Virtual Machine)
  • The exchange chain: create and manage assets quickly

Advantages and benefits of blockchain

Blockchain makes it possible to design business processes more efficiently. Processes can be streamlined and reduce costs. High hardware costs, cumbersome export and import adjustments, as well as settlements are a thing of the past.

  • Reduction of software costs
  • Process optimization in purchasing and sales
  • GDPR compliant
  • Simple payment workflows
  • Easy setup of loyalty programs and apps
  • High-security standard, all transactions tamper-proof
  • Universal interface to all systems

Their interaction possibilities with the blockchain:

  1. We are breaking new ground with blockchain technology alongside the travel industry.
  2. Blockchain technology can be applied at any point in the value chain.

From purchasing, where contract management can be optimized, to billing, which takes place via a wallet - all performed quickly, securely, and without hidden ancillary costs.

Connect your system with Web 4.0 and the classic interface world such as STADIS, OTDS and INFX. Offers can be generated quickly and easily in the blockchain and kept up to date. This means no more data-intensive and lengthy exports. Fast live vacancies will be the new normal, and pricing errors will be a thing of the past. The blockchain also serves as a universal interface. And so you can reduce your maintenance efforts in a very targeted and sustainable way.

Apps & Wallets for your customers, B2C and B2B, enable fast and direct payments using verified coins, no more expensive markdowns to acquirers and credit card companies.

Through personalized logins, obtain more customer data and build better targeted marketing.

Blockchain as a new opportunity

Do you have your own ideas or use cases that you want to implement successfully? Blockchain technology lets you rethink old, previously unfeasible processes and also implement them.

“Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that enables new business models through the trustful and secured collaboration of unknown participants in a global network. Camino, the dedicated blockchain for the travel industry, is the future-proof infrastructure to build a global ecosystem of decentralized applications. We welcome ISO Travel Solutions to the Camino Network and look forward to many creative use cases that ISO Travel Solutions develops with customers and partners as an early mover.”
Anke Hsu

Head of Business Development, Chain4Travel

Are you interested? We are happy to help you

Our team of experts has gained immense knowledge in the tourism and airline industry by implementing scalable and successful customer-centric online booking engines and websites. We have years of experience implementing high-volume, transactional e-commerce solutions for major airlines, tour operators, and travel agents.


Contact person

Sebastian Beck, responsible for the global tourism market at the ISO-Gruppe since 2018, studied Business Administration with a focus on foreign trade. He is a trained travel agent with over six years of travel agency experience, as well as experience as a global account manager at a hotel broker. He has worked with numerous prestigious international clients for more than 18 years in the tourism market.