Internet Booking Engine: Shop & Book experience

The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) of ISO Travel Solutions is ready to work in any new or existing website or ecosystem. The framework consists of many individual components that you can mix and match to create a customer journey from start to finish, for an exceptional shop & book workflow.

Enable your customers to make convenient online travel bookings

The stand-alone modules make ISO IBE extremely flexible and adaptable. You can choose from numerous functions and workflows to get your business online promptly. Of course, we can also customize the Internet Booking Engine to your corporate design. Once configured, it can sell your products online and enable real-time bookings.

Which travel services do you sell? Many out-of-the-box modules and workflows of our IBE are available, for example for accommodations, packages, flights, cars, cruises, extras, attractions and many others.

These come with individual workflows and functions for your end-customers as well as for your travel agents. You can choose from a wide array of modules and features and configure your own specific IBE. The individual modules are all complemented by basic modules such as a shopping basket, a checkout, a payment page and selectors for the currencies and languages that you support. Ultimately, the perfect technology to customize your new sales accelerator.

Your Benefits

  • Fast Setup  – shorten turnaround time, from start to launch
  • Individual branding – and quick time to market
  • Easy Integration – to any content source and reservation system
  • Customize booking journey – effortless workflow configuration and customization
  • Personal touch – optimized standard functionality with enhanced customized features to differentiate your business

Which tourism professionals is the ISO IBE suitable for?

We support the entire value-added chain in the tourism and travel industry — from a service provider to the wholesaler and tour operator. We have in-depth expertise in the following industry segments to support the fastest time to market implementation.

Module of our Internet Booking Engine

We offer a large variety of out-of-the-box modules. The related workflows are optimized and will boost your look-to-book ratio immediately.

You can select from the following combinable workflows and travel service type modules:

  • Flight Module – Workflows with one-way and combinable round trips for charter and scheduled flights with additional functionality to add ancillary services
  • Accommodation Module – Workflows for hotel, rental home and more, result listing, property detail page and unit selection
  • Packages as workflows – Predefined packages with add and upgrade functionality
  • Package Builder Module – Workflows to create the customer packages
  • Package Customizer Module – Workflows with which customers can optimize their predefined packages
  • Tours and Excursions Module – Workflows for upsell and cross-sell or standalone products
  • Dining Module – Workflows to reserve and book tables in restaurants and preorder menus
  • Ground Transport Module – Workflows to book individual transports including pickup and drop off
  • Rent Car Module – Workflows to reserve and book rental cars
  • Motorhome/Camper Module – Workflows to select equip and book motorhomes and campers.
  • Flight Module
  • Accommodation Module
  • Tours und Excursions Module
  • Dining Module

Complementary functions and workflow options

  • B2B Login – agency registration and login with corresponding business logic for commissions, product availability and pricing
  • B2C Login – for travelers to create and update their profile, display historical and active reservations, access to your travel documents and add additional services to the booking
  • Shopping Cart – collect all items in your shopping cart before the checkout
  • Optimized Checkout – with optional insurance selection
  • Integration of any payment provider – via hosted payment page
  • Travel Tailor – automated recommendation engine and itinerary check

Filling the Gap – Integrations To All Connected Systems And Supplier Content

The IBE can be integrated with all your relevant systems, such as your reservation system and your content sources.


We can connect to your third-party service suppliers to source any type of travel content from them, such as accommodation, flight, excursions and more. We can access product content with pricing, availability and description content from a multitude of external connected systems like GDS, PSS, OMS, PMS and any wholesaler system. We use our powerful ISO Travel Broker gateway for this.

Moreover, we can even offer a complete IT landscape including the core inventory management & reservation system, namely the ISO Pacific product with its modules.

Internet Booking Engine: Our Worry-Free-Offer For You

Our team offers everything you could possibly need to be successful online business:


Business Development

Let’s define your future strategy together. Our more than 40 years of experience can change your future. We start by analyzing existing processes and offer recommendations on improvements. The concrete ideas and targets to renew your IT landscape and processes will raise your efficiency and business volumes.


E-commerce & Technology Consulting

ISO provides consulting services for all aspects of e-commerce and technology. Our experts come from different fields and can consult in diverse areas, such as design, UX / UI, SEO, SEA, development, hosting, project management, training, etc.


CMS and module implementation

In addition to the delivery of components, we can also offer their complete implementation into your existing environment. We provide you with the modules and / or we deliver the complete Content Management System (CMS) with all websites and support you with loading the content.


Distribution strategy

In order to market all your products successfully, it is not only done with an IBE. It requires a broader strategy and technology solutions, for example, the distribution to travel agency systems or to tourism networks such as Peakwork Player / Hub network or the OTDS players. ISO not only helps you with consulting services but with exciting solutions for these aspects as well.


UX/UI design

Our IBEs come with a predefined layout and design that is based on our best-practice workflows and adaptable to your corporate style. In addition, our experts can create individual UX / UI solutions and incorporate them into the IBE and your website.


Complete Websites

We not only offer the IBE, but we are actually capable of creating the website and everything around it.


Agile project management

If you want your e-commerce strategy to be successful and have the IBE live in time, high quality and within budget, you need a reliable and solid project management. This is our core strength! We provide project services certified according to the quality assurance guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Hosting & Operations

ISO provides a 24/7 hosting and operation of all your systems. Alternatively, choose the hosting partner of your choice, including cloud services and ISO does the operation services for you.

Standard or customized

We work with your team to achieve the best results depending on given objectives and variables. You can use our standard Internet Booking Modules or we create a unique customized solution together with you.

Team roles

  • Product Owner / Project Manager
  • Business Development
  • UX & Design
  • Development (CMS, Frontend- & Backend)
  • Test Engineer
  • DevOps & Operations (Agile Coach / Scrum Master)
  • Cooperation with partners for SEO, SEA and Analytics

We Offer You More Than Just An Internet Booking Engine

The IBE is the most important component of your overall internet sales activities. However, it needs more than just the perfect IBE: you also need the perfect surrounding website and the complementing eCommerce strategy. ISO can offer all you need.

  • ISO as the web integrator to integrate the existing solutions into your website
  • ISO as web developer, providing also web development work to customize ISO and third-party services
  • ISO as as full-service provider covering the entire scope of your transactional online presence from the concept and research phase to UX/ UI design and development of code and their integration into your website.

Reliable And Future Proof Technologies

It is important for you to know that your investment keeps you always a step ahead of the competition and that this advantage lasts for a long time. This means that technology must be modern, open, reliable and future-proof. Therefore, our team excels in the use of modern web-development frameworks and microservices, CMS and continuous delivery solutions. These are open source tools, which are continuously updated and enhanced by huge communities and might not run the risk of being obsolete in the near future.

  • Micro UIs with HTML 5, React, Angular or Node.js
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Java Micro services with Spring Boot
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Caching and persistence with Hazelcast, Elastic Search, mongoDB or Postgres DB
  • Continuous integration and delivery with Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, GIT, etc.

Products & Components for Internet Booking Engine

You can combine Internet Booking Engine with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Internet Booking Engine and other components:

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