SaaS – turn-key IT solution for the travel market

Small and mid-sized companies have to work quickly and flexibly to survive on the market. Core business, sales, marketing, and not least the administrative work, all have to be seamlessly integrated. Depending on the task, each workplace needs optimal access to office software, network and the travel reservation system. Not always an easy feat! But that's where we come in.

ISO now offers a real all-in-one solution for all your IT requirements. Just imagine: no more buying software, much less having to deal with its installation and management. We will both supply and manage the systems for you – it's that easy.

I will always be grateful for ISO’s effort and I look forward to working even more with your team in the future.
Dennis Geoffrey

CIO, Jet Aviation, USA

We offer

  • All your standard office software solutions for one low per-user price
  • A made-to-measure tour operator software suite
    • Pacific – Tour operator reservation system for full-scale tour operators
    • Atlantic – Reservation system for travel designers, wholesalers and resellers
    • Emerald – CRM for tourism
    • IBE – Internet Booking Engine for B2C and B2B
  • A safe network specifically for you with sufficient storage for all your data

In short, we consolidate and simplify your IT.

Cut costs by using Software as a Service

You would normally have to pay for:

  • Hardware + operating system + database software
  • MS Office software + travel software
  • Software maintenance
  • Server management
  • User support
  • Backup management and data security

In contrast, we offer you a simple solution – simply lease the entire solution from ISO, at a low monthly rate per user.

Your advantages using Software as a Service:

Whether you outsource your entire network and all office applications to ISO and then gradually add our tour operator system modules or prefer using all the components – we are the partner to support your business.

  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs by only registering the users you need
  • Lower costs by outsourcing to the experts
  • Eliminate your internal server costs once and for all
  • Reduce your risks by using a professionally managed and hosted network, applications and hardware
  • Ensure high availability of your systems
  • Consolidate your office and travel requirements to reduce your efforts
  • Avoid hidden maintenance costs or software updates

What is SaaS?

SaaS – Software as a Service – means that we, as your service provider, are entirely responsible for your IT infrastructure. This service is ideal to meet your current needs and costs are calculated based entirely on them – and no more.

ISO fulfills two important customer requirements in offering SaaS:

  • ISO offers independent hosting services
  • ISO offers web-based tourism software and expertise

Why SaaS?

Concentrate on your core business: selling travel services. You need neither staff nor time to ensure your system's operability – that is the ISO’s responsibility. All necessary updates, regular backups and maintenance of your IT landscape are also no longer your concern. Instead, your staff can focus on your clients while you know what to expect in terms of costs. This lowers costs, such as hardware and no further need for specialized staff.

Instead, you have a flexible investment that is charged on a monthly and/or per user basis. This allows you to predict future costs and adjust accordingly. 

Further, you can easily add new users and additional modules as your business expands.

Cut your costs by consolidating your reservation system requirements. You no longer need to coordinate all your partners and suppliers. For all these matters, you have a single point of contact: ISO.

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