Tourism Extranet – tour operator software for your suppliers and external users

Tourism Extranet reduces your internal process costs through system support and the associated transfer of numerous processes to your external users and partners. Data quality is improved at the same time, which means that the data in your systems are always up to date. The external users themselves are responsible for the accuracy of the data. Every transaction is logged and is therefore verifiable.

Online Data Maintenance

Users can edit their data using the online data maintenance. For example, booking stops can be defined, and allotments and prices can be changed – all in an online contract module.

You are relieved of the time-consuming data maintenance. At the same time, your suppliers have the certainty that their changes will be applied correctly in your tour operator system.

Notification and Request Management

As part of notification management, the system automatically reports all newly booked guests and changes to previously reported bookings to the service provider. This informs the service provider about changes in the booking system simply and clearly.

Products & Components for Products & Components for Tourism Extranet

You can combine Tourism Extranet of the ISO Travel Solutions  with further components to add various useful functions. Each component is a self-contained system, which can interact with Tourism Extranet and other components:

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