IATA and ISO Software Systeme celebrate 10 years of strategic partnership

ISO Software Systeme GmbH (ISO) and IATA have been working together as strategic partners for ten years. During this time, the Nuremberg-based IT specialist has played a decisive role in shaping progress in aviation and influencing future-oriented developments in this sector.


The successful partnership began in 2011 when ISO joined the IATA SIS IT Working Group based on its extensive knowledge of passenger revenue accounting, miscellaneous billing, and software development. Results of this joint working group flowed into the modern solutions SKYfly Revenue and SKYfly M-Billing.

In 2016, the partners expanded their cooperation to include the topics NDC (New Distribution Capability) and ONE Order. In addition to the new possibilities to market airline services more flexibly, this also meant for ISO Software Systeme to participate in committees and working groups to help shape new standards.

The next milestone followed with the implementation of concrete application scenarios, the new ONE Order process for charter and scheduled flights. ISO played a key role, and IATA recognized this with official ONE Order Pilots.

In October 2019, ISO presented a prototype as a member of the IATA Settlement with Orders Adoption Group. The payment processes used to date are no longer possible with ONE Order. Therefore, Settlement with Orders is the future de-facto standard in the aviation payment process. SKYpay is one of the first products on the market to master this.

"Ten years is a long time. They have been as busy as they have been productive. I am thankful to work with great people from all over the world in such an exciting industry. We look forward to many more years of this rewarding and trustful collaboration," says Susanne Reiser, Product Manager SKYfly at ISO Software Systeme.