ISO certified by IATA for SKYfly Res according to new ARMI retailing standard

IATA has introduced the Airline Retailing Maturity Index (ARMI). With its new index, the airline association extends its NDC and ONE Order certification program to establish the "Enhanced and Simplified Distribution standards" in the airline industry. ISO Software Systeme GmbH is among the first companies to be certified as a system provider according to the ARMI.


At the Digital Data & Retailing Symposium in Madrid from October 26-28, 2021, IATA presented its new sales standard: Airline Retailing Maturity Index (ARMI). This index will fully map the sales process of airlines in the future to be able to offer and sell aviation-specific services smoothly and more effectively.

Through ARMI, the umbrella organization for airlines is supplementing its two "island certificates” NDC and ONE Order. These were previously stand-alone and separate from each other, with a holistic certification process. The advantage over the NDC and ONE Order certifications: ARMI is much more transparent about the scope of services a particular solution has. It makes it much easier to compare the individual systems with each other.

ISO's SKYfly Res is one of the few solutions already included in IATA's new index for the process steps Account, Order, Pay, and Shop. With the announcement of the ARMI in Madrid, IATA has already confirmed the ISO's "Airline Retailing Maturity" status with its modern and highly scalable airline distribution solution SKYfly Res.

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